Romance in air: KaiRa to celebrate their anniversary in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira rescue the kids and also their family. They get police’s help to arrest Maharaj and his goons. The families learn about the problem in Rishikesh and worry. Dadi informs Akhilesh and others that everything got fine, all thanks to Kartik and Naira’s unity. The families rejoice Kartik and Naira’s patch up. Kartik and Naira decide to celebrate their anniversary together. Dadi apologizes to Naira. Kartik tells Dadi that he doesn’t feel same as her, he isn’t Naira’s puppet, but they are different and happy in their own relation. He asks Dadi to agree with them and accept their relationship. Dadi apologizes for her big mistake.

Dadi tells them that she tried to make them an ideal couple, but didn’t wish their relation to end. Naira and Kartik sort out their differences and forgive Dadi too. Dadi tells Naira that she wasn’t completely right or wrong. She asks them to celebrate their anniversary the way they like.

Elders bless KaiRa who perform the puja together. Kartik and Naira’s relation turns like before. The family’s purpose to accompany them to Rishikesh gets fulfilled. They send off KaiRa for a short trip. Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time. They make their first anniversary special. They promise that they won’t let anyone interfere in their relation again. Kartik asks her to stay happy so that she can keep him happy. Naitik feels unwell and hides his conditions from everyone. He fails to take his medicines. Naitik doesn’t get any timely help from anyone. Kartik and Naira get informed about Naitik’s critical state.


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