Sahil to turn into Vedika’s savior in Aapke Aa Jane Se


Vedika faces a big humiliation when kinners reach her home and blacken her face to harass her. Kinners target Vedika and her daughter. Vedika tries hard to stop them. They surround Vedika and insult her with the dirty allegations. Vedika sheds tears. Badi Amma has planned this drama to trouble Vedika. She wants Vedika to leave from the city and never return in Sahil’s life. Sahil reaches Vedika in time and stops the insult. He challenges the kinners to harm Vedika if they dare to do so in front of him.

Sahil vents out anger on them. He comes as a big relief for Vedika and her family. He clears out Vedika’s name. He tells kinners that Badi Amma lied to them about his love, its true that he loves Vedika, but Vedika didn’t trap him for money. He wants respect for Vedika. Kinners realize their mistake and bless Vedika with an apology. Sahil takes a stand for Vedika, but finds her too depressed to forget the humiliation easily.


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