Yuvraaj to learn Anushka’s justice method in Laado 2


Anushka has given unique punishment to Rantej and his brothers. Rantej wants her to pay for it. He takes a sickle to behead her. Rantej and his brothers enter Anushka’s room in Yuvraaj’s absence. Rantej goes to kill Anushka. He is very much angered on her. Yuvraaj reaches there and finds Rantej committing this crime. He stops Rantej from hurting Anushka. He loves Anushka and can’t see her in trouble.

Rantej asks Yuvraaj to leave him, he will not spare Anushka. Yuvraaj asks him what did Anushka do against them. Rantej says you have no idea about her doing. Yuvraaj says then tell me the truth, you lied about Ranvir’s affair too. Rantej says Anushka has made us lose our manhood, we died the same day when she did this. Yuvraaj gets a big shock. Rantej is very frustrated in his life.

Rantej, Tej and Ranbir tell Yuvraaj what Anushka has done with them. Yuvraaj can’t forgive Anushka for it. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that she has punished his brothers and she doesn’t regret it. He feels his brothers are innocent. He gets angry on Anushka and asks her to leave from the house. He can’t understand how she took this drastic step without having any proof against his brothers’ crime.

Yuvraaj tells Anushka that he understands her pain to lose Jhanvi, but now she has crossed all the limits. Anushka says fine then give me to police. Yuvraaj says you will go jail. Rantej says you can’t give her to police, else everyone will know about us, we won’t be able to show our faces to anyone. Yuvraaj tells Anushka that she has fallen down in his eyes, she has turned crazy for justice. Anushka asks Yuvraaj not to do any drama, as she doubts even he has deleted the evidence against his brothers.

Rantej asks them to stop arguing, Anushka can’t stay under the same roof now. He asks Yuvraaj to throw her out. Yuvraaj loses his cool on Anushka. Rantej doesn’t want to see Anushka’s face. Anushka and Yuvraaj have an argument. He throws her out of the house. Malhari learns the shocking thing done to her sons. Anushka tells Yuvraaj that she herself doesn’t want to stay with him and his family. She prefers to leave the house, as she has taken justice for Jhanvi from the culprits.


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