Another shocker for Yuvraaj in Laado 2


There is a new storm in the haveli. Yuvraaj gets arrested on the charges of drug smuggling. Police troubles Yuvraaj. He tries hard to defend himself. Anushka comes home to return a phone to Yuvraaj. She happens to see his arrest. Yuvraaj feels Anushka has pushed him in this new trouble. Malhari fills poison in his mind against Anushka. She tells Yuvraaj that Anushka has called the police, its her new drama.

Yuvraaj says inspector can’t arrest me without having any proof. Inspector says Anushka isn’t involved in this, don’t blame her for everything. Yuvraaj tells Anushka that he didn’t do any crime, he is getting trapped. Inspector asks him to come along and know the evidences. It gets shocking for him. Yuvraaj fails to prove his innocence. Yuvraaj is taken to the police station. He doesn’t know who has framed him. Anushka has no faith in Yuvraaj now. She refuses to help him.


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