Aryan to become a cause of concern in Ishqbaaz


Tej reveals to Shivay that he had joined hands with Veer to make him fall in his sons’ sight. He reveals Soumya’s intentions to wed Rudra. Omkara gets angry that Tej plotted against him. He asks Shivay not to forgive Tej. Shivay tells them that past doesn’t matter, and Tej can never hurt his own sons. He asks them to forgive Tej. He realizes Soumya is getting revengeful with Bhavya. They understand how Soumya has taken Bhavya’s place in the puja. Rudra gets angry that Soumya cheated him. Shivay asks Rudra how did he get married to Soumya. Rudra tells about the drunken chapter, where in he didn’t remember the marriage happening. Shivay feels the truth is something else.

Soumya and Veer plot to employ Aryan against Obros. She tells him that she has always been a part of the destruction plan against Oberois. She wants to ruin the family after failing to win Rudra’s heart. She reveals her intentions to Veer.

She tells Veer that she had bribed a fake pandit and got married to Rudra. She reveals that the marriage wasn’t real and she couldn’t use the fake marriage in her favor. She wants to officially marry Rudra so that no one can kick her out now. She feels Rudra has done a big mistake by choosing Bhavya. She wants Veer to do his work before Rudra’s marriage. Veer assures her that just she will be marrying Rudra.

O’bahus find hard to hide Aryan from Obros and family in a food trolley. They prepare for Holika dahan. Shivay knows Tia is helpless and isn’t able to reveal anything to him directly. He meets her and gives her a phone.

Tia receives a call from Shivay. He asks her to reveal the matter to him on the phone. She gets helpless to speak up, since Roop can harm Robin and their son. He wants to know Soumya’s intentions. Soumya stops Tia from revealing anything. She takes back the phone from Tia. She promises that she will make Tia speak to her family. Tia gets grateful to her. Soumya ruins her phone and asks Tia not to be an emotional fool. She warns Tia against helping the Oberois and ruining their plans.

O’bahus get troubled by Aryan. Shivay understands Tia is threatened by someone. He finds Tia scared. He observes Anika and feels she is hiding something. O’bahus look for Aryan who runs away. Anika starts cooking up stories to end Shivay’s doubt. O’bahus ask their partners to trust them. Shivay checks the trolley and doesn’t find anyone. O’bahus finds Aryan hiding inside the Holika firewood.


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