Deep gets spying on Aarohi in Ishq Mein Marjawa


Deep gets doubtful on Tara/Aarohi. He challenges her that he will convince her with love. He meets Aarohi’s jailmate Kaali to know about Aarohi. He bribes the girl and asks her to tell him everything about Aarohi’s stay in jail. Deep wants to know why problems have increased in the family. Deep gives a money bag to Kaali. He wants to know Aarohi’s secrets. Kaali tells Deep that Aarohi used to stay scared initially and then she turned into a bold woman. She says Aarohi used to fight with me and I have complaint about her to jailer, later Aarohi turned into a stone-hearted woman, she fought for women justice, the jailer kept Jagrata one night, Aarohi has scolded the jailer and minister for some reason, she then disappeared from the jail on Jagrata night.

Deep understands Aarohi is alive and she has changed her personality now. Kaali says we got Aarohi’s death news by the jailer. Deep asks if jailer received the dead body. She says I have no idea about Aarohi’s dead body.

Deep gets sure that Aarohi is staying with them as Tara. Aarohi overhears Deep and Kaali’s conversation and gets alert. Deep wears his thinking cap and analyzes the changes in their lives brought by Aarohi. Deep turns into a spy and keeps an eye on Aarohi to catch her red-handed. Deep confronts Aarohi and tells her that he knows she is Aarohi. Deep will be exposing Aarohi in front of the family. Aarohi can’t leave her revenge motives unfulfilled. She is trying her best to prove she is Tara. Virat lands in jail. Aarohi meets him and asks him who has framed him. She tells him that she can kill anyone for his sake. He wants to be sure if she is really Tara or not. He doesn’t reveal much to her.


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