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    YRKKH: Naitik falls sick. The family finds Naitik in such a state and worry for him. They realize Naitik’s depression which he had been hiding till now. The family informs Naksh, Naira and Kartik about Naitik’s state. Naira and Kartik rush to see Naitik at the hospital. Priyanka visits the hospital to treat Naitik. Naksh asks her to back off and not become part of the family. She reveals that she is Naitik’s therapist and she is meeting her patient. The family receives a shock knowing Priyanka had been treating Naitik’s depression. Everyone worries for Naitik’s well-being and gets praying for him.


    Avni decides to avoid Neil. Sunehri asks her to realize her love for Neil. She tells Avni that the latter is also living life like Neil with their memories. She wants Neil and Avni to re-unite. Avni doesn’t want Neil back in her life. She can’t risk her hardships to save Neil’s life. She doesn’t want any pain and sorrow back in Neil’s life. She tells Sunehri that she can’t get Vidyut released from jail, if the world knows she is alive, Vidyut will get freed from the laws. Neil expresses his feelings on radio. Avni misses him. She thinks of him. and sheds tears.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

    Ishita shows her belief in Raman. She asks him not to panic, as she is with him. She assures that nothing will go wrong. Raman feels Raina is dangerous for his family. He doesn’t want his family to have any trouble because of him. He tells her that he will get away from family if he is becoming a trouble for them. She asks him not to think such a thing. She asks him to stay positive and clear minded that he is innocent. Aaliya feels sorry for Shitija after hearing her conversation with Pihu. She buys a pair of shoes for Shitija to boost her morale. Mani and Shagun have cute moments. Shagun then gets busy in her NGO work. Aaliya informs Pihu that she has solved Shitija’s problem. She sends Pihu to surprise Shitija and cheer her up.


    Tej reveals to Shivay that he had joined hands with Veer to make him fall in his sons’ sight. He reveals Soumya’s intentions to wed Rudra. Omkara gets angry that Tej plotted against him. He asks Shivay not to forgive Tej. Shivay tells them that past doesn’t matter, and Tej can never hurt his own sons. He asks them to forgive Tej. He realizes Soumya is getting revengeful with Bhavya. They understand how Soumya has taken Bhavya’s place in the puja. Rudra gets angry that Soumya cheated him. Shivay asks Rudra how did he get married to Soumya. Rudra tells about the drunken chapter, where in he didn’t remember the marriage happening. Shivay feels the truth is something else.

    Meri Durga:

    Palak feels bad that her dad doesn’t treat her well. Durga asks her not to worry and just focus on the race to win her dad’s heart. Durga works out. Palak helps Durga and slips the weights over Durga. Durga gets an injury because of Tanvi and Lakshmi’s evil planning. Bhagat gets Durga treated. Palak tells him about Tanvi and Lakshmi’s evil plotting. Bhagat gets upset with them. He summons the evil doers and threatens to end their racing career if they don’t stop their cheap tactics. Durga manages to recover.

    Bhagat gives a final warning to the opponents. Durga learns of the off time where athletes can visit the family. Gayatri and Neelkant decide to leave Yashpal’s house. Brij apologizes to them about Sheela’s insulting words. He asks them not to leave the house. Sanjay reveals to them that he has got a job and now he can take care of his parents. He tells Yashpal that they will leave tomorrow. Yashpal congratulates Sanjay for hos job and allows him to take his family. Durga and Sanjay make a plan to meet. Durga manages to go out with Sanjay. Lakshmi misunderstands Durga and informs Tanvi. Durga and Sanjay spend some time together.


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