Naitik’s depression to get known in Yeh Rishta…


Naitik falls sick. The family finds Naitik in such a state and worry for him. They realize Naitik’s depression which he had been hiding till now. The family informs Naksh, Naira and Kartik about Naitik’s state. Naira and Kartik rush to see Naitik at the hospital. Priyanka visits the hospital to treat Naitik. Naksh asks her to back off and not become part of the family. She reveals that she is Naitik’s therapist and she is meeting her patient. The family receives a shock knowing Priyanka had been treating Naitik’s depression. Everyone worries for Naitik’s well-being and gets praying for him.

Aryan starts liking Suhana. She finds his company nice and thanks him for the lift. Naitik returns home. Priyanka asks them not to think of depression as some big illness. She is ready to help Naitik like always. She tells Naitik that she didn’t tell anything to his family, but they learnt it themselves.

The family thanks Priyanka for taking care of Naitik so well. Kartik feels bad that they misunderstood Naitik and Priyanka. Naitik explains that he didn’t reveal his depression truth so that their lives didn’t get spoiled. The children complain that Naitik has hidden the problem and kept dealing with everything alone. Naksh feels guilty that he couldn’t take care of Naitik well. Kartik apologizes to give stress to Naitik. Manish understands Naitik’s decision. He tells them that Naitik didn’t wish his children to suffer or live in fear. They ask everyone to support Naitik. Naitik feels bad to hurt them. Manish finds Naitik right. The children end their annoyance with Naitik.

Naitik seeks their help in getting rid of his depression. Everyone makes Naitik promise that he won’t hide anything from them. Naitik makes a wish to celebrate Holi festival together in their house. Goenkas agree to celebrate Holi with Singhanias.

Kartik and Naira think they are too immature to keep fighting and not know about elders’ stress. Naira feels sorry to unknowingly hurt Naitik. Kartik feels they should change into mature selves. Naira too wants to become responsible. They end their differences. They decide to put equal efforts and ending their distance. They plan to make Holi special for Naitik. Suhana meets her boyfriend and tells him that she has trapped Aryan in love. She wants to dupe Aryan. She feels Aryan is a big fool and can easily make her part of his life. She plans to get his property. She thinks of proposing Aryan for marriage and meeting Goenkas to loot them. Aryan tells the kids about his girlfriend. Suhana learns Aryan’s plans of Holi. She plans to meet him and come up with a drama to influence him. Naitik thanks Goenkas for celebrating Holi with them. Everyone tries to keep Naitik happy. KaiRa holds a special surprise for the family.


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