Neil and Avni refuse to move on in Naamkarann


Avni decides to avoid Neil. Sunehri asks her to realize her love for Neil. She tells Avni that the latter is also living life like Neil with their memories. She wants Neil and Avni to re-unite. Avni doesn’t want Neil back in her life. She can’t risk her hardships to save Neil’s life. She doesn’t want any pain and sorrow back in Neil’s life. She tells Sunehri that she can’t get Vidyut released from jail, if the world knows she is alive, Vidyut will get freed from the laws. Neil expresses his feelings on radio. Avni misses him. She thinks of him. and sheds tears.

Saisha gets a big crush on KK. She thinks of KK while Neil talks of love. Avni prays to Aisha and Neela for giving courage to Neil. Saisha calls up Neil and shares her true love for KK. She doesn’t mention KK’s name on the radio. Neil gives her a love advice. Neil asks her to make a wish and then her heart will guide her. He is sure that world conspires to unite the lovers. He asks her to just follow her heart and acquire her love. Saisha gets happy after talking to Neil.

Avni immerses herself in work to forget Neil. Sunehri asks her not to run away from herself. Avni tells her that Neil can come any time and then she has to just lie to him about herself. Avni gets a surprise when Neil comes home unexpected. Neil gets to hear them and asks about Nilanjana. Avni hides from Neil. He apologizes to Sunehri for entering the house without their permission. He tells them about some goons’ presence inside the house. Neil tells that he doesn’t remember about the night. Sunehri asks him why didn’t move on in life with someone else, as Avni is now past.

Neil tells her that he got all the love from Avni and now he has no desire to move on. Avni listens to Neil’s true love speech. Sunehri tells him that Nilanjana has gone out. Neil offers them help. Avni manages to hide from Neil. He still feels her presence. Neil advises Sukoon house as a location for the song shooting to KK. KK trusts Neil and goes with his advice. Neil tells him that the location is perfect for them. He feels Avni’s presence in that house. KK convinces his producer and gets a cheque to book the location.


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