Satya and Susheel’s special Holi in Ikyawann


Leela makes the maid don her disguise and does a big drama. She tries to show Satya that she wants his relation with Susheel to get fine. Leela makes Jhanno do the tough rituals and wins the praise by the people. Susheel fails to see Leela. Susheel and Sejal make sweets for Holi ceremony. Susheel doesn’t make sweets well, as she doesn’t know much about cooking. Sejal encourages Susheel. Susheel and Sejal team up against Leela.

Satya and Susheel play Holi. Satya doesn’t like colors. Susheel teases him to make him come ahead for playing Holi. She challenges him that he can’t win. Satya gets trapped and accepts the challenge. Susheel is trying hard to put colors on Satya. They have a tug of war. She tells him that she will apply him colors if he loses. He gets cheating and winks to Susheel to make her lose. Susheel loses the game. Satya wins the challenge by using his charm.


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