Suraj and Chakor team up to save Gauri in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor anger Ranvijay to the core. Suraj reveals his evil crimes. Suraj ruins the room and tells Ranvijay that this is done by him. Ranvijay asks him to stop it. Suraj does such stuff that instigates Ranvijay to show his mental side again. Imli finds Ranvijay’s room messed up. Ranvijay gets provoked by Suraj and gets shouting madly. Imli calls a doctor and gets Ranvijay treated. Suraj threatens to kill Ranvijay in Imli’s absence. Suraj disappears. Ranvijay fails to prove Suraj’s plan. Doctor tells Imli that Ranvijay is losing his mental balance. Imli sends Ranvijay to mental hospital so that he gets fine soon and comes back. Imli plans to sell off Gauri on pretext of marriage. Suraj and Chakor want to save Gauri from Imli’s evil planning.

Imli plays her next move and tempts a poor family of money and luxurious life. She is going to get Gauri married to a rich guy. Imli makes Gauri and her family meet the prospective groom.

She asks Gauri to be sure of her decision, since she doesn’t want any blames on her later on. Gauri’s parents get thankful to Imli. They like the guy and find him right for Gauri. They have no idea that Imli is planning to sell away Gauri to her rich client. Gauri is unhappy as she loves Chagan. She doesn’t want to get married. Gauri hugs Chakor and cries out her pain. Chakor and Pakhi come up with an idea to make Gauri elope. Pakhi tells Chakor that she will sit in Gauri’s place and fool Imli to know her plan. Chakor doesn’t want Pakhi to fall in big risk. Suraj and Chakor refuse to put Pakhi in such a bad situation. Suraj disapproves Pakhi’s decision. He wants to think of some other idea. He tells them that Imli is getting weak without Ranvijay, she will shatter with one more hit. They make a plan to save Gauri. Suraj and Chakor have a sweet argument.


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