High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers Jiji Maa, Perfect Pati and more

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan and Diya’s love story is beginning. They both have worry for each other. Their care and concern stands questioned by their hearts. Diya gets fond of Ratan. She apologizes and thanks him. She asks him not to be annoyed. She admits that she did wrong to lie to her best friend. He forgives Diya. He hugs her and expresses his worry for her. Diya asks him not to stress about her. She has always taken care of him. This time, its Ratan who turns caring towards her.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:
Anant plans a surprise plan for Mandira. He gets romantic and wants to see Mandira’s love. He tries to please her. Anant expresses his love to her. He has forgiven her for the past. He tests her love to know if she really moved on in life. Anant gifts her a pretty necklace. She pretends to be happy with his surprise. Anant gets angry when he finds Vijay’s name tattoo on her back. She apologizes to him and tells him that she got the tattoo made when she had a relation with Vijay. Anant turns upset with her. Her plan succeeds.

Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre:

Devika and Varun fall in love at first sight. Devika asks the stranger to stay away. He scolds her for flopping his auditions. He gets angry on her. She insults him to be a flop star. Their arguments start. He asks her not to show her face again.

Harman blames Soumya. He says Preeto has told my friends about my marriage breaking, just because of Soumya. He clears out to Soumya that he doesn’t love her. He asks Preeto why didn’t she tell his friends that Soumya is a kinner. He gets angry on Preeto for taking the house matters outside. Harak asks him what is he doing. Harman tells them that he can’t raise hand on Soumya, so he is breaking things again. He asks Soumya to sign the divorce papers and prove that she loves him. Soumya doesn’t agree to sign. She tears the papers. Harak gets angry on Soumya and shouts on her. He tells her that she has no place in their house. Harman says Soumya has much belief in true love, I will show her true hatred, kinners don’t deserve any love. He gets bitter towards her.

Avni tries to leave from Sukoon house. She sees Neil with KK outside. She covers her face and gets away. KK explains his shot to Neil. He wants Neil to do the action stunt. They plan the entire song and action sequence. Avni is running away from Neil to secure his life. She doesn’t want to spoil Neil’s life. Neil will be doing action stunts instead KK. Neil thinks to risk his life again so that he can visualize Avni. Avni gets emotional. She doesn’t want Neil to have any harm. She feels she is so helpless and situation changed so much that she has to stay away from Neil. Neil gets to see her and follows. Neil and Avni will be soon meeting.

Laado 2:

Yuvraaj will be knowing Rantej’s crimes. Inspector locks up Yuvraaj in the cell. Constable reveals Rantej’s atrocious crimes to Yuvraaj. Inspector also insults Yuvraaj for being a clever criminal like his brothers. Constable tells Yuvraaj that he will get bail tomorrow, its matter of one night. Yuvraaj says my brothers were innocent and stayed here for many nights, its fine if I have to stay here for a night. Constable says you are from Choudhary’s family, we will take care of you like that of Rantej. Yuvraaj learns Rantej has got VIP treatment in lockup. Constable doesn’t realize Yuvraaj’s intentions. He tells everything related to Rantej’s crimes.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Nimki bursts her anger on Babbu Singh. She confronts him for taking wrong decision in Panchayat. He asks her not to say nonsense and not command him. Nimki holds his collar and throws her anger on him. She shocks the family members by dominating Babbu. She says I thought you will do justice with the poor, but you have done injustice. Babbu tells her that justice won’t happen the way people think. He fools her of his decision. He takes Nimki in confidence. Nimki apologizes and hugs Babbu. Her dream then breaks down.

Tu Aashiqui:
JD meets Pankti and tortures her once again. He forcefully plays Holi with her. He misbehaves with her. Ahaan reaches there on right time and sees JD’s evil side once again. JD doesn’t stop his cheapness. He asks Ahaan to wait, till he is done with Holi. Ahaan loses his cool and raises a hand on JD. Ahaan and JD have a fight. Ahaan finds JD disgusting. Anita and Poorva run to help Pankti. JD’s lies get exposed in front of Ahaan. Ahaan threatens to bring his truth out.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni fails to do the work assigned by Suyash. He gets angry on her for not doing a small thing. He doesn’t know that Uttara has ruined his work for showing Falguni in bad light. Falguni gets upset when Suyash scolds her in the office. She then finds out the spy pen. She learns Uttara’s secret planning to listen to her work conversations. Falguni reaches Uttara and returns the spy pen. She warns Uttara to stop interfering in her life. Falguni finds Suyash playing with the servant’s son. She finds Suyash happy. She feels bad that Suyash and she can never have a child.

Sumer’s mum breaks Meera and Sumer’s marriage. Meera blames Vivaan for this. She scolds Vivaan for hurting her and her family. He tells her that he isn’t involved in any drama happened in her mehendi ceremony. She asks him who else will do it. They have misunderstandings. She vents out frustration on her. She wipes her mehendi and hurts her hands. He worries for her bleeding hands. He cares for her. Meera and Vivaan have a romantic moment. Vivaan is very much hurt seeing her sorrow.


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