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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Simmi reaches Raman with an evil motive. She plans to give him a panicking news which will make him run out of the house. She tells him that Ishita and Pihu left in the car. He gets affected by the edited recording and feels Ishita and Pihu’s lives are in danger. Raman runs to save them. He tells the family that the car brakes are failed. The family assures that nothing will happen to Ishita and Pihu, the car is fine. Raman loses his cool. Simmi starts putting the blame on Ishita. The family worries for Raman. Raman leaves from the house with Romi and Adi to find Ishita and Pihu.


    Kartik and Naira invite Priyanka in the Holika dahan. Naksh apologizes to Naitik and Priyanka for hurting their sentiments. He wants Naitik to celebrate his happiness with his best friend. He feels sorry for talking to Priyanka in a bad manner. He asks Priyanka to punish him, but not get away from Naitik, who badly needs his friend. Naitik thanks Naksh. Dadi still feels there is something brewing between Naitik and Priyanka. Aryan apologizes to Kartik and Naira for his wrong move to give them a jolt by divorce papers. Kartik and Naira forgive Aryan as his intentions were right.


    Sunehri tells Avni that Neil can help them in saving Sukoon house. She asks Avni not to get scared of Vidyut, who would not be a threat to her after ten years. Avni assures that she will manage everything on her own. She asks Sunehri not to worry, they can manage all the expenses. She tells about Saisha’s 18th birthday. Sunehri asks her to think once and meet Neil. Avni asks her to trust her and let her handle all the matters alone. Saisha messages KK to meet him. She is sure that KK will spend time with her. She wants KK to take her on a date. She dreams of KK.

    Meri Durga:

    Durga plans to spend time with Sanjay. They romance and spend some moments of peace. Tanvi and Lakshmi follow Durga to know more about her affair. Durga teases Sanjay. She makes him smile. Sanjay and Durga enjoy their company. Tanvi and Lakshmi learn Sanjay is Durga’s husband. They wonder why a rich guy is working as a watchman in the sports academy. Tanvi plans to ruin Durga by using Sanjay. Bhagat tells the athletes about the new race, which will make them practice harder. Lakshmi wants to tell the seniors about Durga and Sanjay. Durga runs in the race and wins. Tanvi apologizes to Durga and Bhagat. She asks Durga to trust her once and forgive her. Durga forgives Tanvi and Lakshmi.


    Veer tries hard to expose Aryan in front of the family. He tricks Aryan into sitting the Holika firewood. He tells Aryan that he has kept many chocolates for him there. Aryan sits inside the Holika. O’bahus wonder where did Aryan go. Veer and Roop wait for Obros to see Aryan. Soumya tells them that she has explained Tia and now nothing will go wrong. Veer tells them that Aryan will either die or will do their work by coming out of the firewood. Shivay asks Anika why is she behaving mad. He doesn’t see Aryan. He asks Anika not to give him jitters by her strange behavior. Anika doesn’t want to tense Shivay. She feels sorry that she is not able to reveal about Aryan to Obros. Shivay and Anika, along with others go for the Holika dahan puja.


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