Mitali to find Avni alive in Naamkarann


Avni tries to leave from Sukoon house. She sees Neil with KK outside. She covers her face and gets away. KK explains his shot to Neil. He wants Neil to do the action stunt. They plan the entire song and action sequence. Avni is running away from Neil to secure his life. She doesn’t want to spoil Neil’s life. Neil will be doing action stunts instead KK. Neil thinks to risk his life again so that he can visualize Avni. Avni gets emotional. She doesn’t want Neil to have any harm. She feels she is so helpless and situation changed so much that she has to stay away from Neil. Neil gets to see her and follows. Neil and Avni will be soon meeting.

Avni lies to Neil and makes some chickenpox signs on her face. Mogli stops Neil from meeting Nilanjana. He tells Neil that Nilanjana has been diagnosed with chickenpox. Mitali finds Avni and asks her why did she lie to Neil. Avni breaks down and tells her that she has done everything for Neil and his family. Mitali promises to hide the secret till she wants, but requests Avni not to trouble Neil more. Avni has hidden the truth till now just for the sake of Neil’s happiness. Mitali feels sorry for Neil. Avni stops Mitali from revealing anything to Neil or anyone else.


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