Naksh makes an apology to Naitik and Priyanka in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik and Naira invite Priyanka in the Holika dahan. Naksh apologizes to Naitik and Priyanka for hurting their sentiments. He wants Naitik to celebrate his happiness with his best friend. He feels sorry for talking to Priyanka in a bad manner. He asks Priyanka to punish him, but not get away from Naitik, who badly needs his friend. Naitik thanks Naksh. Dadi still feels there is something brewing between Naitik and Priyanka. Aryan apologizes to Kartik and Naira for his wrong move to give them a jolt by divorce papers. Kartik and Naira forgive Aryan as his intentions were right.

Kartik tells them that everyone has to write their mistakes and burn in the Holika fire. He asks them not to read each other’s note. Dadi writes down her guilt of hurting Kartik and Naira. She wants to get rid of her guilt. Suwarna teases Manish for penning down his mistakes. He doesn’t feel he did anything wrong. She writes her big mistake of abandoning her child. She wishes she didn’t do such mistake in the past.

Aryan wishes Manish’s annoyance gets over. He wants Manish to love him like before. Naksh wishes he never left Naitik alone and looked after him well. Kirti writes her mistake to seek help from Dadi and hide it from Naksh. Kartik and Naira find too many mistakes done by them and think what all to pen down. Aryan calls Suhana to know about her. She tells him that she wants to meet him urgently. He wonders why is she coming suddenly. Suhana plans to thrill Aryan.

Kartik and Naira have cute arguments, while counting their mistakes. Naksh happens to red Kirti’s note. He feels bad that Kirti had hidden the matter. Everyone gives the notes to burn in the fire. Dadi likes the idea of burning bad thoughts in the pure fire. Suhana reaches Singhania house and meets Aryan. She gets spotted by Naira. Suhana creates a drama in front of Aryan. Suhana hides from Naira. Naira checks for her and Aryan. Naira tells Kartik that she has seen a stranger outside. They find a baby left alone and take her home.


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