O’bahus to save Aryan from a fatal danger in Ishqbaaz


Veer tries hard to expose Aryan in front of the family. He tricks Aryan into sitting the Holika firewood. He tells Aryan that he has kept many chocolates for him there. Aryan sits inside the Holika. O’bahus wonder where did Aryan go. Veer and Roop wait for Obros to see Aryan. Soumya tells them that she has explained Tia and now nothing will go wrong. Veer tells them that Aryan will either die or will do their work by coming out of the firewood. Shivay asks Anika why is she behaving mad. He doesn’t see Aryan. He asks Anika not to give him jitters by her strange behavior. Anika doesn’t want to tense Shivay. She feels sorry that she is not able to reveal about Aryan to Obros. Shivay and Anika, along with others go for the Holika dahan puja.

They want to burn all their tensions, problems and sorrows in the fire. Shivay wishes the family stays safe from all the hidden dangers. O’bahus find Aryan inside the firewood. They worry for his life. Obros dance happily, being unaware of the problem. They look for their spouses to join them for dance.

Anika succeeds to save Aryan from the firewood on right time. Shivay gets to meet the pandit who got Rudra and Soumya married. Pandit tells them that Soumya bribed him to chant fake mantras, the marriage wasn’t real and it was just a drama. Rudra gets shattered knowing about Soumya’s crime to put him into guilt. Pandit tells them that he did this for money and didn’t chant any real mantras. Rudra can’t believe Soumya has fooled him. Omkara asks him not to have any guilt. Shivay tells Rudra that Soumya can never marry him. He asks Rudra not to worry and marry the one he loves, Bhavya. He assures Rudra that Soumya can never harm him and Bhavya.

Aryan reveals to Anika that a man has asked him to sit inside the firewood. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya bond with Aryan. They get emotional with the fear of losing him. The cute kid wins their heart. Anika tells him that he won’t go anywhere without informing them, as they can’t risk his life. They try to hide Aryan again. Shivay finds Aryan hiding in the kitchen. Aryan introduces himself and calls Shivay his dad. Shivay asks him who is his father. Aryan fails to name his dad right.

Anika tells Shivay that the kid is too young. She answers on his behalf. Shivay bonds with Aryan in a childish way and likes his cute gestures. Anika manages to lie to him that Aryan is someone’s son. O’bahus save Aryan’s life and also the respect of Oberois. Veer plans to ruin Oberois’ respect on the Holi eve. Shivay plans to expose Soumya by feeding her the Bhaang in the Holi party.


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