Pankti to avoid JD in her success route in Tu Aashiqui


JD meets Pankti and tortures her once again. He forcefully plays Holi with her. He misbehaves with her. Ahaan reaches there on right time and sees JD’s evil side once again. JD doesn’t stop his cheapness. He asks Ahaan to wait, till he is done with Holi. Ahaan loses his cool and raises a hand on JD. Ahaan and JD have a fight. Ahaan finds JD disgusting. Anita and Poorva run to help Pankti. JD’s lies get exposed in front of Ahaan. Ahaan threatens to bring his truth out.

The police comes on JD’s call and handcuffs Ahaan when Ahaan and JD get into a fight. Pankti tells the inspector that Ahaan was saving her from JD, and its not his fault. She asks him to arrest JD. Ahaan tells them that he was protected Pankti’s respect from JD. Inspector doesn’t listen to them. Anita reveals that she has called the police. Inspector leaves Ahaan with a warning. JD tries to pressurize Pankti. JD shows his contacts and power to Ahaan and Pankti. He challenges them to accept defeat. Ahaan tells JD that he will always defeat him. Anita clears out that she has lied to police to save Pankti’s reputation and career. She proves her innocence to Pankti.

JD makes Manav acquire the rights of the film of Jaishri productions in which Pankti is going to sing. Manav tells JD that he has done the work. JD wants to ruin Pankti’s career. Ahaan and Pankti reach Monty’s studio for the song recording. They learn JD’s plan to trouble them. Monty fails to prove JD’s evil doings. JD targets Monty to spoil his image. Ahaan gets into a fight with Sinha and his goons. Pankti supports Ahaan.

Pankti is getting success by Ahaan’s support. But, she faces a big hurdle. She is compelled to visit JD. Ahaan asks Pankti not to refuse to the job offer. Pankti asks him how dare JD calls her for the film launch party. Ahaan tells her that she has to take up the singing opportunity in order to succeed. She says he had thrown me out of the house before and now he is insisting me to sing there, what’s the reason, he maybe planning to insult me more, he has no work than to upset me. She doesn’t want to fall in JD’s words. She decides that she won’t go to JD mansion and won’t sing there.

Anita tries hard to convince Pankti. She says Ahaan is right, the film launch party is at JD mansion, you have to think of it as launch venue and go there. She wants Pankti to earn money. She tells Pankti that she will get much money for the songs. Poorva asks Anita to stop running after away, Pankti has taken this decision for self respect. Pankti thanks Poorva for understanding. Ahaan wants Pankti to grab the golden chance. He doesn’t want JD to create any conflict in Pankti’s success. Pankti isn’t comfortable to go there. She maintains that she will not lose her esteem for anything.


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