Simmi to instigate Raman’s fears in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi reaches Raman with an evil motive. She plans to give him a panicking news which will make him run out of the house. She tells him that Ishita and Pihu left in the car. He gets affected by the edited recording and feels Ishita and Pihu’s lives are in danger. Raman runs to save them. He tells the family that the car brakes are failed. The family assures that nothing will happen to Ishita and Pihu, the car is fine. Raman loses his cool. Simmi starts putting the blame on Ishita. The family worries for Raman. Raman leaves from the house with Romi and Adi to find Ishita and Pihu.

Simmi makes a story and tells the family that Ishita is manipulating Raman. Ishita and Pihu safely come home. Raman follows them back to the house. Ishita gets questioned for panicking Raman. Ishita doesn’t know what happened. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Ishita for lying to Raman.

Raman tells them that Ishita didn’t tell him anything, it was her mum who said this. Mrs. Bhalla confronts Mrs. Iyer for instigating Raman. Ishita has a belief in her mum. Ishita and her mum tell Raman that they didn’t say anything about the accident. Mrs. Iyer tells them that she didn’t meet Raman. Raman goes out of control. Raman falls in Simmi’s trap. Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t understand who lied to Raman. Ishita manages the matter and asks the family not to think much. Simmi creates a scene and tells the family that Raman is getting mad. She asks them to send Raman to an asylum for his betterment. She says Raman’s condition is getting worse and this is dangerous for him and even them.

Simmi asks Raman to remember anything. Raman feels Simmi is right and he is really losing his mind. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He tells them that he is getting mad and they should send him to asylum. Ishita gets angry on Simmi. Simmi keeps on repeating the same thing that Raman had attacked Mrs. Iyer. Adi also feels that they have to help Raman by getting medical aid.

Ishita asks them to prove their love to Raman by being with him in such a tough time. She falls helpless when Raman himself wants to leave from the house. Ishita blames Simmi for driving Raman to the limits of madness. She tells the family that she won’t let anything happen to Raman, as he is her husband. Raman turns aggressive and wants to get away from his children to protect them. Ishita tries to pacify Raman. Simmi and Raina compel Raman by instilling more fear in him.


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