Sunehri reaches Neil to seek help in Naamkarann


Sunehri tells Avni that Neil can help them in saving Sukoon house. She asks Avni not to get scared of Vidyut, who would not be a threat to her after ten years. Avni assures that she will manage everything on her own. She asks Sunehri not to worry, they can manage all the expenses. She tells about Saisha’s 18th birthday. Sunehri asks her to think once and meet Neil. Avni asks her to trust her and let her handle all the matters alone. Saisha messages KK to meet him. She is sure that KK will spend time with her. She wants KK to take her on a date. She dreams of KK.

Sunehri tells Avni that they can manage expenses for a while, not forever. Avni asks Sunehri not to take tensions and just have faith in Lord. She is sure that Lord will send some angel to help them. KK’s manager comes home and meets Avni. He gives her an offer and informs that KK is interested to shoot his movie song in Sukoon house. He gives her a cheque. He tells her that KK will settle all the bills as he would be staying here with his bodyguard.

Avni doesn’t want Neil to stay with them. She doesn’t accept the offer. He asks her to grab the golden chance, as her location can be seen in movies and get more chances to earn. Avni makes him leave.

Saisha doesn’t understand Avni’s decision. Avni doesn’t want any strangers to get inside their house. Saisha asks Avni do their wishes not matter to her. Avni tells her that she has taken the decisions for her future. Saisha gets upset as Avni is self-centered and just decides by her will. She refuses to celebrate her birthday.

Sunehri asks Avni not to throw any party for Saisha, as she won’t attend it. Saisha asks Avni why did she reject such a good offer. She wanted to meet KK. She hates Avni for her bad decision. Avni tries hard to explain her decisions that are taken for everyone’s betterment. Saisha tells Avni that she has hurt her a lot and now she isn’t the best person in her life. Neil gets the news of Nilanjana refusing to the offer. He wonders the reason for refusal.

Avni and the kids get attacked by the goons, who barge into the house for money. They threaten to kill Avni and burn the house. Sunehri begs them not to hurt the kids. Goon pressurizes them for money. He threatens them and makes a leave. Sunehri decides to call Mitali for help. Avni stops Sunehri. She doesn’t want Neil to know the matter. Sunehri tells Avni that she can’t let her ruin their present by their fears. Avni consoles the kids.

Saisha apologizes to Avni for all her bitter words. Shweta tells Mitali that Neil is happy just because of her. She tries to know what happened that Neil turned happy. Sunehri reaches Neil and tells him that they need money to fight with the goons. She asks Neil to help her. She doesn’t name Avni and keeps her promise. Neil tries to know if Sunehri is hiding something. Mitali sends police protection with Sunehri. Neil assures help to her. He knows Avni would also want the same for her friends. He takes the responsibility and decides to go back to Sukoon house. Avni plans a surprise for Saisha. Neil arrives unexpectedly. Avni hides from him once again.


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