Suraj to swap brides to defeat Imli in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor have to swap Gauri and Pakhi to fail Imli’s business. Chakor performs in the marriage ceremony. Suraj and Chakor try to save Gauri from the unwanted marriage. Gauri sheds tears for her life’s destruction. Imli challenges Chakor to save Gauri if she can. Chakor dances around and entertains Imli. Imli sees Gauri and compliments her. Chakor doesn’t want anything bad to happen with Pakhi. Chakor and Suraj find the right chance to swap the brides.

Chakor goes to meet Gauri. She tells Pakhi that Suraj isn’t able to replace Gauri till now. She then meets Gauri and hugs her. She asks when did Suraj do this. Suraj tells Chakor that he had diverted Imli and swapped the bride. He says the goons have locked up Pakhi in the room, I have to reach her, there is very less time. Suraj asks Gauri to hide her face and just run out of the haveli. Suraj and Chakor bless Gauri. Gauri asks about Chagan. Chakor guides her to meet Chagan and elope with him.

Suraj meets Pakhi and makes a plan to make her escape. Goons stop Suraj. Suraj tells them that he is Imli’s loyal servant. Goons don’t listen to him. They find a phone with Pakhi. She asks how will I talk to my mum after going to Sasural. The goons laugh on her misunderstanding that she is going to her Sasural. Imli comes there. Suraj instigates Imli against the goons, who made fun of her. Imli yells on the goons. Suraj succeeds to take Pakhi to Kasturi’s house. Will Suraj and Chakor succeed to save Gauri and Pakhi? Keep reading.


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