Yuvraaj to learn Rantej’s crimes in Laado 2


Yuvraaj will be knowing Rantej’s crimes. Inspector locks up Yuvraaj in the cell. Constable reveals Rantej’s atrocious crimes to Yuvraaj. Inspector also insults Yuvraaj for being a clever criminal like his brothers. Constable tells Yuvraaj that he will get bail tomorrow, its matter of one night. Yuvraaj says my brothers were innocent and stayed here for many nights, its fine if I have to stay here for a night. Constable says you are from Choudhary’s family, we will take care of you like that of Rantej. Yuvraaj learns Rantej has got VIP treatment in lockup. Constable doesn’t realize Yuvraaj’s intentions. He tells everything related to Rantej’s crimes.

Yuvraaj regrets to know his brothers’ evil-mindedness. Inspector stops constable from revealing it to Yuvraaj. He beats up constable. He tells Yuvraaj that constable is drunk and is making stories to defame Rantej. Yuvraaj beats up inspector to make him speak up Rantej’s truth. Inspector says Balwant didn’t wish you to know the truth, he instructed us to lie to you. Yuvraaj feels ashamed to know his brothers’ crimes.


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