Chakor plans to expose Imli’s evil in Udaan

Udaan: Raghav to enter Chakor's life

Pakhi’s life falls in danger. Chakor and Suraj plan out and save Gauri from Imli’s clutches. Pakhi loses her phone and fails to record Imli’s evil doings. Imli sells off Pakhi to some rich man. She picks the money and makes a leave. She asks Suraj to handover Pakhi to the client. Suraj had to show his loyalty towards Imli and obeys her to defeat her later. Suraj sends Pakhi with the man, with a promise that he will not let her get harmed. Pakhi manages to fool the old man. Pakhi runs away and tries to save her life. She wanted to know Imli’s business and realizes how Imli sells girls on pretext of marriage.

Pakhi scolds the old man and tells him that he can’t harm her. The old man sends his goons after her. Pakhi reaches the jungle. She is bold and confident that none can hurt her. Chakor also reaches the jungle and looks for Pakhi.

She doesn’t want to lose Pakhi as she lost Kumud. She has to bring Imli’s truth out by Pakhi’s help. Pakhi gets tired of running. She jumps into the well when the goons surround her. The goons think she has committed suicide and run to inform the old man. Chakor pulls out Pakhi from the well and saves her in the nick of time. Chakor rescues Pakhi and runs with her. She tells Pakhi that once they reach the village, they will expose Imli’s bad deeds. Imli learns about Chakor and Pakhi’s plan to save Gauri. She gets revengeful and plans to spread her terror in villagers’ mind again. Chakor tries reaching Suraj to seek help.


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