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High Five Spoilers Upcoming tracks of hit shows

Soumya is again trapped. Someone kidnaps her and gives her electric shocks to turn her mad. Soumya tries to get free. She asks the goons to let her go. She doesn’t know who is doing this. Doctor tells the goons that Soumya will be given electric shocks till she loses her mental balance. She asks them what did she do. The goons tell her that she will get mad soon and then they will drop her to the asylum. Soumya gets conscious after some time and acts mad in front of them. She asks for some food. Soumya plans to fool them and run away.


Susheel knows Satya loves her, though he didn’t express his feelings. Leela thinks Satya wants to get rid of the marriage. Susheel too loves Satya and has much faith in him. She is waiting for Satya’s love confession. Leela will be incurring big losses for Susheel. Leela is planning against Susheel. She is finding a bride for Satya. Leela takes Susheel’s help and makes her write Satya’s skills in the bio-data.

Jijaji Chhat Par Hai:

Ilaychi makes a plan to save Panchan. They together keep an eye on Murari to know the plan against Pancham. Ilaychi hears the wicked plan and expresses her annoyance. She asks her dad how did he plan against Pancham. Pancham tells him that its totally wrong. She asks her dad why did anyone not think of Pancham’s wife. She calls Pancham’s wife there, who agrees to divorce Pancham for some money. Ilaychi can’t let Pancham get sold to Jwala. She tells her dad that she can save Pancham by her business skills. She takes some money from her dad. She plans to fool Jwala. Pancham asks her how will she deal with Jwala. She asks him to just wait and watch. Ilaychi dreams of romancing Pancham. She loves Pancham and can’t put him in any trouble.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni and Shorvori perform the special puja in the temple. They meet their Kulguru. The ladies protest against Teni and Shorvori. They don’t want Teni and Shorvori to spoil the temple’s purity. They scold the duo for mocking marriage and making fun of the sacred relation. Teni and Shorvori don’t care for the society. Shorvori tells them that they have good intentions and they are here to wash off their sins. The ladies insult them a lot. Shorvori doesn’t want to trouble anyone. Teni and Shorvori do the aarti and don’t let anyone create a hurdle. Indu gets happy when her bahus deal the situation maturely. Teni and Shorvori’s bond gets stronger. Teni feels bad to doubt on Shorvori’s intentions before.

Nimki Mukhiya:
Babbu gets angry on the villagers. Kamlesh’s bike gets damaged. The villagers want justice for Kamlesh. Babbu’s brother in law announces that Babbu will be giving a new bike to Kamlesh. Babbu gets taunting on Kamlesh and asks him will he protest for a bike. Babbu’s rough talk makes villagers against him. Babbu then changes his strategy. He says Manoj did a mistake and he will pay for Kamlesh’s bike. He ends the matter. Villagers get pleased by the decision. Ram Bachan hugs Babbu and feels proud.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

There is a huge courtroom drama. Ratan doesn’t reach the court in time. The judge tells Diya that her lawyer didn’t come to defend her, so she gets a chance to defend her case on her own. He tells her that if she doesn’t have anything to say, she will be announced guilty. Ratan stops the judge and makes an entry in an injured state. Diya worries for Ratan. Ratan tells her that he is fine. He proceeds to defend her case. Abhay and Arpita get worried when Ratan targets them. Ratan says I have the evidence against Abhay. He gives the pen drive which has all the evidence against Abhay. Arpita gets tensed and scolds Abhay for his deceive.


Pakhi’s life falls in danger. Chakor and Suraj plan out and save Gauri from Imli’s clutches. Pakhi loses her phone and fails to record Imli’s evil doings. Imli sells off Pakhi to some rich man. She picks the money and makes a leave. She asks Suraj to handover Pakhi to the client. Suraj had to show his loyalty towards Imli and obeys her to defeat her later. Suraj sends Pakhi with the man, with a promise that he will not let her get harmed. Pakhi manages to fool the old man. Pakhi runs away and tries to save her life. She wanted to know Imli’s business and realizes how Imli sells girls on pretext of marriage.


Chandra decides to save his friend Tatya from becoming a bait by the foreigners in their hunting. He gets fearless to counter the British officer. He meets his friends and makes a plan to fail their Hanka practice. Chandra gets to see a tree which can be used as a catapult. He steals the bicycle tube. Sitaram finds his bicycle tube missing and learns Chandra has stolen it. He gets angry and prepares to beat him when he returns home. He tells Jagrani that times aren’t good and Chandra should learn the traits to bear injustice. He wants his son to get more tolerant so that nothing affects him. Jagrani knows Chandra will never tolerate any injustice. Sitaram locks Chandra in the room again. Jagrani frees Chandra and asks him not to upset his dad again. Chandra meets his friends and shares his plans to save Tatya. He asks them to keep it a secret.

Meri Durga:

Durga feels the symptoms of pregnancy. She gets advised to go for a pregnancy test to be sure about it. She learns she is pregnant and struggles with the thought of her race due soon. She has to win the race in order to get the lost prestige of Ahlawat family. Durga gets in a dilemma. She thinks to participate in the race by aborting the child, and also wonders if she should keep the child and proceed with the training as always. Durga decides to share the matter with Sanjay and take his advice.


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