Holi Celebrations with ulterior motives in Ishqbaaz

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Shivay tries to know about Aryan. Anika maintains her lie and asks Shivay not to follow her. She tells him that she will drop Aryan to his home. Anika and Bhavya take Aryan in the car. Shivay keeps a watch on them to get content. Gauri sees Shivay gone and stops Anika from executing the drama further. They get Aryan back home. Anika feels its tough to protect Aryan from their enemies and also hide him from the family. Gauri and Bhavya also feel its impossible to hide Aryan during Holi celebrations. Anika thinks Bhaang/marijuana can help them in concealing the matter. She decides to use Bhaang to succeed in their motives. Shivay too decides to feed the bhaang to Soumya and make her admit her evil intentions.

Veer gets angered that Anika had saved Aryan from him and also the family reputation. He plans to feed the Bhaang to the Oberois so that they spoil the family reputation by their own hands.

Meanwhile, Tia finds a chance to feed the Bhaang to Veer and Soumya so that she can save Robin and her son from them. Everyone clears out their intentions and plannings to execute during the Holi celebrations. Shivaye, Omkara and Rudra play Holi and have some fun time together. The elder brothers pamper Rudra with love. Tej plays a prank on them. Tej and other elders too become part of the celebrations. Omkara forgives Tej and plays Holi with him. Tej and Jhanvi heartily accept Shivay.

The family unites back. O’bahus join the Holi. They throw colors on their partners and lay some challenges for them to fulfill. Anika plans to distract Shivay so that Aryan doesn’t get caught. Veer plans to reveal Aryan as Rudra and Soumya’s son, so that Rudra gets compelled to marry Soumya. Tia tries to spike Veer and Soumya’s drinks to get rid of them. Oberois happily play Holi by sinking in the colors.

Shivay tries to throw colors at Anika, but fails. Anika escapes before he catches her. Shivay is sure to smear the colors at her. Obros get ready to play Holi with their better halves. They get into celebration mood. The girls perform with them. Veer gets the right chance to spike their drinks. Shivay stays busy in romancing Anika. Obros meet Veer, knowing his wicked intentions. Veer acts friendly to Shivay. Obros play Holi with Veer, unknown that Veer is also an Oberoi. Veer and Roop carry out their big plan against Oberois.

Shivay finds Soumya around and sends Rudra to fool her. He asks Rudra to spike Soumya’s drink so that they can know her next move. Soumya tries to avoid the thandai, knowing its spiked. Rudra tells her that he got a special Aloo paratha made for her. Soumya turns happy and finishes the paratha. Rudra succeeds to fool her. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya hide Aryan. They plan to feed the spiked thandai to Obros so that they don’t remember Aryan even if they spot him. Veer finds other ways to feed Bhaang to everyone. He decides to find Aryan.


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