Kartik and Naira find a little angel in Yeh Rishta…


Naira misses to see Suhana. Naira and Kartik find a baby girl left alone on the road. They take the baby home and ask the family to allow them to take care of the baby till they find the baby’s parents to securely handover the baby. The families allow KaiRa to look after the baby. Kartik and Naira how someone left the baby in such a way. They try to pacify the baby and protect her from all the dangers. They feel a sense of responsibility when the baby is around. The families ask Kartik to find the baby’s parents soon. They pity the baby who is abandoned by her parents.

Kartik wants to get some toys for the baby. Naira tells them that they will manage the baby. Dadi wishes Kartik may change his decision by getting attached to the child. Akhilesh tells them that people can object against Kartik’s decision.

Dadi supports Kartik. She tells them that everyone can look after the baby, as children are gift of God. She wants the family to get new happiness in the form of that baby. Kartik and Naira turn happy to have the baby with them. Dadi dreams of KaiRa’s baby. She gets hopeful to get Kartik’s child soon. She wishes Kartik’s anger and annoyance over the past ends. Everyone prays for Kartik and Naira to have a child soon. Aryan worries for Suhana. He decides to meet her. Singhanias and Goenkas celebrate Holika Dahan. Goenkas take a leave. Naira asks Naksh to be with Naitik and look after him. Kirti feels Naksh is getting distanced. She doesn’t know the cause.

Kartik and Naira wonder about the couple who left the angelic baby. The baby soon starts crying and troubling them. They try hard to converse with the baby in her language. They fail to communicate right and pacify her. Manish says we can’t babysit when we have no relation with her. He asks them to get some caretaker. He gets annoyed with the disturbance. Suwarna and Dadi asks him to consider the baby as a blessing and serve her.

Dadi is sure Kartik and Naira will think of having a baby after raising the girl. She feels the baby girl can bring maturity in them too. The baby cries for her parents. Kartik feels bad for the baby. He finds a way and asks Lav and Kush to console the baby. He tells them that they can sing a song or dance to entertain the baby. Lav and Kush sing a rap. They all do their part to pacify the little angel.

Naksh stays with Naitik to support him. He thinks of talking to Kirti about the note. Naitik gets talking to Priyanka. Aryan gets a big shock when Suhana tells him that she is leaving from his life. He gets depressed. He feels he was in love with Suhana. He doesn’t know Suhana’s truth. Suwarna finds him in pain and tries to know the problem. Aryan doesn’t share anything with him, as he doesn’t consider her as mum. Kartik asks inspector to find the baby’s parents soon. Kartik and Naira stop Lav and Kush from unintentionally putting the baby in trouble. They hug the baby and play with her. Dadi thanks Lord for getting happiness in their lives in the form of the cute angel. The families look forward to celebrate Holi.


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