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    Ishqbaaz: Shivay tries to know about Aryan. Anika maintains her lie and asks Shivay not to follow her. She tells him that she will drop Aryan to his home. Anika and Bhavya take Aryan in the car. Shivay keeps a watch on them to get content. Gauri sees Shivay gone and stops Anika from executing the drama further. They get Aryan back home. Anika feels its tough to protect Aryan from their enemies and also hide him from the family. Gauri and Bhavya also feel its impossible to hide Aryan during Holi celebrations. Anika thinks Bhaang/marijuana can help them in concealing the matter. She decides to use Bhaang to succeed in their motives. Shivay too decides to feed the bhaang to Soumya and make her admit her evil intentions.

    Meri Durga:

    Bhagat learns Sanjay is living in the academy as the watchman. He tells Sanjay that its their rules. He knows Durga’s family is her strength. Durga requests Bhagat to let Sanjay do his job. Bhagat doesn’t want Durga to get distracted by Sanjay. He asks him to leave the academy. He asks Durga to take some rest. Durga insists on Sanjay working in academy. She fears for the family to turn homeless again. She asks Bhagat not to break her hopes. She tells Bhagat how Sanjay and his family suffered because of her. She promises she will continue the training as before. Bhagat understands her concern and retains Sanjay in the academy.


    Naira misses to see Suhana. Naira and Kartik find a baby girl left alone on the road. They take the baby home and ask the family to allow them to take care of the baby till they find the baby’s parents to securely handover the baby. The families allow KaiRa to look after the baby. Kartik and Naira how someone left the baby in such a way. They try to pacify the baby and protect her from all the dangers. They feel a sense of responsibility when the baby is around. The families ask Kartik to find the baby’s parents soon. They pity the baby who is abandoned by her parents.


    Neil and Mitali come to Sukoon house for protecting them. Avni gets to see Neil and manages to hide from him. Avni learns Neil got police protection for them. Avni asks Sunehri why did she get Neil to them. Sunehri tells Avni that they need money and also security from the goons. She wants Avni and all the kids to be safe. She doesn’t feel she did anything wrong by inviting Neil and accepting KK’s offer. KK’s movie shoot begins in Sukoon house. The media arrives for his interview. Avni manages to hide from Neil and make a leave. She gets troubled by the goons and returns home. Neil misses to see her. He gets an urge to meet Nilanjana once. She takes Mogli’s help to keep Neil away.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Family worries for Raman. He feels no medicine can cure his illness. He feels miserable. He tells Ishita that his illness is making him shallow. He tries to explain himself and his fears to Ishita. She understands his constant fear which is instilled by Simmi. She tells him that its just a trauma and he will get fine soon. She asks him to trust her and recover. Simmi sees Ishita encouraging Raman. She finds a new way to make Ishita away from Raman. He decides to stay alone to stay away from the family. Adi wonders why Ishita isn’t doing anything for Raman. Aaliya has much belief in Ishita. She explains him that Raman needs their support and if they truly love Raman, they have to trust him and just be with him. She makes Adi realize his mistake. Adi apologizes to her.


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