Neil to find Nilanjana similar to Avni in Naamkarann

heartbreaking Neil Avni

Neil and Mitali come to Sukoon house for protecting them. Avni gets to see Neil and manages to hide from him. Avni learns Neil got police protection for them. Avni asks Sunehri why did she get Neil to them. Sunehri tells Avni that they need money and also security from the goons. She wants Avni and all the kids to be safe. She doesn’t feel she did anything wrong by inviting Neil and accepting KK’s offer. KK’s movie shoot begins in Sukoon house. The media arrives for his interview. Avni manages to hide from Neil and make a leave. She gets troubled by the goons and returns home. Neil misses to see her. He gets an urge to meet Nilanjana once. She takes Mogli’s help to keep Neil away.

Neil wants to thank her for permitting them for the shoot. Mogli lies to him on Avni’s saying and keeps Neil away. Neil feels Avni’s presence in Sukoon house. Avni tries to avoid Neil when he enters the room. Avni pushes the wooden partition on Neil and runs away. Neil asks her to meet him once.

Neil suggests some remedies to relieve her illness. Mogli becomes an obstacle and takes Neil with him. Avni cries and stays alone. Sunehri spends time with DD. Shweta calls up Mitali to know about Neil. Mogli asks everyone not to meet Nilanjana. Saisha asks Avni not to make silly excuses. She asks Avni why is she lying about the illness. Mogli tells Avni that Neil had saved them from the goons. Shweta gets mistaken about Neil and Mitali’s relation. Shweta wishes Neil moves on in life with Mitali. She wants her son to start smiling and live again. Neil tries to help Nilanjana. Mogli describes Nilanjana. Neil connects her with Avni. He thinks if Nilanjana could be Avni.


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