Raman takes a big decision to secure family in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Bhallas bring the baby home and welcome in a grand way

Family worries for Raman. He feels no medicine can cure his illness. He feels miserable. He tells Ishita that his illness is making him shallow. He tries to explain himself and his fears to Ishita. She understands his constant fear which is instilled by Simmi. She tells him that its just a trauma and he will get fine soon. She asks him to trust her and recover. Simmi sees Ishita encouraging Raman. She finds a new way to make Ishita away from Raman. He decides to stay alone to stay away from the family. Adi wonders why Ishita isn’t doing anything for Raman. Aaliya has much belief in Ishita. She explains him that Raman needs their support and if they truly love Raman, they have to trust him and just be with him. She makes Adi realize his mistake. Adi apologizes to her.

Adi withdraws his support from Simmi. Simmi and Parmeet rejoice that the family is believing them more than Raman. He asks Simmi to keep a watch on Ishita and know her moves. She tells him that Raina will make her succeed. She wants to celebrate her victory with Parmeet.

Aaliya assures Ishita that they will support Raman. Simmi finds Raman alone and calls Raina. She asks Raina to threaten Raman about the family. Raina tells Raman that she is coming his home to kill Ishita. She threatens him about the family. Raman gets worried for the family. He asks everyone to be together and safe. He asks everyone to leave him alone. Ishita doesn’t want to leave him and go. The family fears for his state getting worse. Raman sends off the family to secure them. He then plans to kill Raina to safeguard Ishita. Adi feels Raman needs medical help. He worries for Raman after the new incident.

Simmi and Parmeet send Raina to Raman to trap him in the last big game. Simmi asks Ishita how did she leave Raman alone. She threatens Ishita. She tells Ishita that Raman will be trapped in her plan, he will himself commit a suicide and die. She gives the ultimatum to Ishita. She asks Ishita to save Raman if she can. Ishita worriedly runs to save Raman. Raman demands Ishita to leave. Raina threatens of harming Raman’s family. He agrees to her demands to kill her husband in order to free himself. Ishita misses to stop Raman. She wants to save Raman. She gets help from her family. Raman takes the gun and leaves for meeting Raina. Ishita worries that he may do something wrong. Raman meets Raina and threatens to kill her.


  1. How long will this track go on.. it’s irritating… high time boring simmi n her game ends.. it’s getting on our nerves..a major positive twist is desperately needed at the earliest…


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