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Piyaa Albela:
Naina blackmails Pooja again. She asks her to leave her family or bear their hatred forever. Pooja faces Naina’s madness again. She says you can’t do anything by putting the blame on me, this time I have Naren by my side. Pooja is sure that Naren will prove her innocent from all the blames. She wants to get rid of Naina forever.

Har Shaakh Pe Ullu Baithi Hai:
Chaitu deals with new problem of crops shortage. He finds out that someone is stealing the crops before it reaches the common people. He makes Puttan do a thorough research. Puttan concludes that the farmers are delivering the crops on time, and its reaching the warehouses as well, but it isn’t reaching to the consumers. Chaitu brainstorms to know the cause of the matter. He tells the media that its the rats who are the real enemy of the crops. He asks the people to kill rats and get money. The people get killing rats to win the reward. Chaitu promises to give 100 rs per rat. People compete to gain big rewards. Chaitu makes a clever plan to sort out the issue.

Woh Apna Sa:
Binny surprisingly supports Jia. Nisha asks Jia to leave from the house. Binny stops Jia and goes against Nisha. She wants Jia to live with them. She tells Nisha that they should give a chance to Jia. The family gets happy with Binny’s decision. Nisha doesn’t realize why is her daughter supporting Jia.


Obros decide to color their better halves by their colors of love. Shivay tells Anika that she can’t run away from him today. Oberois celebrate Holi in their unique style. Shivay-Anika, Omkara-Gauri and Rudra-Bhavya romance during the Holi challenge. Anika takes her normal avatar and drops the Kumari Rosie Rani character for a while. She doesn’t want to irritate Shivay with her fake braid. Shivay likes to see his old Anika back. Anika challenges Shivay to apply her holi without touching her. Shivay applies her Holi colors via his cheek and completes the challenge. He challenges her to apply him the colors without stepping on the ground.

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki:

Maya wants Rocky to prove his loyalty and love for her. She asks him to get Daali’s property soon and name it to her. Kanhaiya gets ready to see the wedding arrangements. He conspires to marry Daali and fail Maya-Rocky’s plans. Kanhaiya makes an announcement that he will handle everything. Vaijanti objects on Kanhaiya’s involvement. Badimaa confronts Kanhaiya to know his truth. He doesn’t reveal anything to her. Maya gets jealous finding Rocky close to Daali. Badimaa and Daali share their grief over losing the most important part of their life. Badimaa has lost her son, while Daali lost her childhood friend. Daali waits for her friend to return and stop her marriage with Rocky.

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya:

Rudra kills Garudi while protecting himself. He fools the people by secretly driving the lorry. Rudra has intentions to get all the nine shivlings for his boss. Namrata gets saved from Rudra. She complains about him to Yashpal. She wants Rudra to get arrested. Rudra tricks the police every time and is one step ahead of them. Aghori runs away with the shivling to protect it from the evil doers. He didn’t wish his wife to ruin the village. He sticks to his principles and wants to serve the Lord. Gauri informs Rahul about her weird dreams regarding Namrata. Rahul learns Namrata has some involvement in Thakur’s incident. He gets suspicious of Namrata and shares his doubts with Yashpal. Namrata proceeds to get more shivlings to become the ultimate power.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman starts losing faith in himself. Simmi pushes him to the core that he believes he has become a threat for the family. Raman urges the family to get rid of him by sending him to any mental asylum. Ishita sticks to support him knowing Simmi’s vicious plans. She boosts Raman’s morale. She asks Raman to forget Raina’s matter. Raman tries hard to normalize himself. He gets forgetting things further. Raina calls him again and warns him against revealing anything to Ishita. She compels him to kill her husband. She also threatens him of killing Ishita. Raman gets protective for Ishita. He decides to save Ishita’s life from Raina. He gets ready to kill Raina if needed, only to save his family. Simmi plans another wicked game and drives him to the world of crime.

Siddhi Vinayak:

Siddhi’s misunderstandings about Vinayak get cleared. She starts falling in love with Vin. Vin too gets feeling for Riddhi. He doesn’t know why he finds her similar to Siddhi. Vin tells his family that he has no interest in his life. His parents worry for him even more after Guru’s predicting Vin’s death. Shankar tries to protect Vin from upcoming dangers. Siddhi tries to know Shankar’s involvement in the fire incident. Siddhi gets to learn Vin’s good deed of getting Aniket’s treatment done in her absence. She feels thanking Vin personally. She hides her identity from everyone. She decides to find her real culprits before revealing her truth.

Saam Daam Dand Bhed:

Vijay and Bulbul face new challenges. Anant is already troubling Vijay in office. Vijay is much tensed. He doesn’t know why CM is helping his family. He understands its a political move. Bhabhi meets the CM and re-opens Prabhat’s case. Anant knows everything about the matter. Bulbul tells Vijay that Mandira has taken Bhabhi to meet CM and Anant is well aware of this fact. Vijay wonders why did Anant not tell this to him. Bulbul says maybe Anant didn’t forgive us and is taking some sort of revenge. Vijay gets confused. Vijay knows how Prabhat got murdered. He had hidden the murder case so that Bhabhi doesn’t get hurt emotionally. Vijay had concealed the case from Bhabhi for the family’s peace, but she feels Vijay had some involvement in the murder. Bhabhi misunderstands Vijay’s intentions.


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