Aarti surprises Durga by a true advice in Meri Durga


Durga reveals to her family that she is pregnant. She shares her dilemma about risking her baby’s life. The family receives a big shock. Bhagat waits for Durga in the academy. He learns she has left from the academy. He prepares other athletes for the race. Sanjay asks Durga to rush for the race. He tells her that its his baby too and this is his decision to first support her dreams. He asks Durga to realize that winning this national race is most important for her. Durga questions the family if she should go ahead by risking her life’s biggest happiness. The family doesn’t want Durga to go. They get upset for Durga’s dilemma. Sanjay asks them to encourage Durga to achieve her goals.

Durga decides to quit her dreams for the baby’s sake. Aarti makes an entry home and shocks the family by a big revelation. She asks Durga not to leave her dreams. She tells Durga that she wants to compete with her sincerely this time, as she also wants the real winner to win the nationals. She tells Durga that if she is capable, she wants to see Durga winning the title today.

Durga tells Aarti that even if her repentance is true, she can’t run in the race now since she is pregnant. Aarti reveals to them that Durga isn’t pregnant. Durga confirms the news. Aarti tells Durga that its her dad’s plan to break her dreams, confidence and determination so that he can defeat him. Aarti asks Durga not to give up and run to achieve her dreams. Aarti reveals how Tanvi and Lakshmi joined hands with her dad and planned against Durga. She tells Durga that it was her dad’s evil conspiracy to make her out of the academy. She apologizes to Durga from a true heart. She asks Durga to go ahead and run to fail her enemies.

Durga gets thankful to Aarti for bringing out the truth in front of her on right time. Durga does a pregnancy test again and checks the negative result. She tells the family that she isn’t pregnant. They all sign relief and want Durga to win the race. Aarti asks Durga to rush for the race. She takes the responsibility to make Durga the stadium on time. Everyone supports Durga. Bhagat awaits Durga in the race. Can Durga make it this time? Keep reading.


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