Another dramatic merger for Tu Aashiqui and Ishq Mein Marjawa


There will be merger of the two shows again. JD throws a film launch party and compels Pankti to attend it. He wants Pankti to sing in the party. Pankti refuses to visit JD’s mansion. Ahaan asks Pankti not to lose out to JD, if she loses courage, she will not be able to succeed in her career. Ahaan supports Pankti in her new endeavors. JD plans to ruin Pankti’s budding career by ruining her image in front of Jaishri Productions. Ahaan and Pankti reach the party and try to avoid JD. Ahaan wishes Manav supports him.

Meanwhile, Aarohi blackmails Tara and stays connected to her. Aarohi tricks Deep into believing that she is really Tara. Ahaan doesn’t want Pankti to lose the deal of Jaishri productions. JD welcomes Deep in the party.

Pankti gets happy meeting Aarohi. Rising stars contestants perform in the party. Police reaches the party and targets Ahaan once again. Inspector reveals about the complaint against Ahaan and Pankti. Pankti tells Aarohi that the goons were troubling them, and its Ahaan who saved her life. Aarohi and Deep save Ahaan and Pankti from the trouble. Deep helps them out and stops Ahaan’s arrest by using his contacts.


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