Imli to learn Suraj’s clever drama in Udaan


Imli will learn the truth of Suraj’s memory recovery. Imli sells Gauri to the client. She also gets girls from the village. Chakor comes there and asks Imli how can she do this, does she have any soul in her or not. She tries to stop Imli from doing the huge sin. Imli doesn’t get any shame and sticks to her so called business model. She asks the man to choose Gauri or anyone else he likes. The man demands for Pakhi. Imli sends the goons to kidnap Pakhi and get her. Pakhi gets dragged to the haveli. Pakhi determines to stay brave and fight. Suraj encourages Gauri to fight back too.

Meanwhile, Imli asks Suraj to kill Gauri. Pakhi takes a gun and scolds Imli. She threatens to kill the evil people. Suraj tries to save Gauri and Pakhi. He still does the drama in front of Imli. He tells them that he doesn’t remember any promise and just knows his loyalty to Imli.

Chakor asks Pakhi to run away. Pakhi doesn’t want Imli to win this time. She threatens to ruin Imli’s business. Chakor slaps Imli. Imli and Chakor have an argument. Ranvijay angrily hits Chakor on her head. Chakor faints down. Suraj runs to save Chakor. Imli gets suspicious about Suraj. She asks Suraj why is he worried for Chakor. Suraj ends his drama and doesn’t care if his truth comes out. He just wants to protect Chakor. Ranvijay comes back to haveli. He tells Imli that Suraj is fooling her by his drama, Suraj has regained his memory and is supporting Chakor. Imli gets enraged to punish Suraj.


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