Meera attempts to kill Kanak in Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji


Meera wants Kanak out of Uma’s heart. She realizes Kanak is Uma’s ex-wife. She is ready to do anything to get rid of Kanak. Meera spikes the drink and serves Kanak. Kanak consumes the drink and feels sick. She asks Meera what did she add in the drink. Meera says it has poison, I have added my revenge in it, you felt I will never know your truth and you can snatch my Uma. She scolds Kanak. She asks Kanak to bend down in front of her, else pay for insulting her by losing life. She vents out anger on Kanak.

She asks Kanak the reason for her bitterness. She understands Kanak still loves Uma, and thinks maybe Uma also loves Kanak. Meera expresses her hatred to Kanak. Kanak faints down. Meera breaks the champagne bottle which Kanak got as gift. She is very possessive for Uma. She challenges Kanak that she will win Uma’s love. Uma gets to see Kanak’s state and worries. Uma tells Meera that she should have not invited Kanak, as its like inviting problems. He speaks against Kanak to lessen Meera’s madness and save Kanak.


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