Naren to abandon his relations in Piyaa Albela


Naina gets exposed. Naina threatens to kill Supriya. Pooja bears the tortures to save Surpiya. Supriya realizes her mistake. The family gets happy seeing Supriya fine and walking on her own. Pooja welcomes Supriya home with love. Naren asks Supriya to take some rest. Supriya gets guilty. She tells him that she has to tell him something important, she was fine since always and just acted to get Naren’s love. She apologizes to Naren, Pooja and everyone for her big lie. She feels she is Pooja’s culprit. She breaks into tears and tells Naren that he is actually Chandrika’s son. Dada ji supports Supriya and confirms the matter.

Naren gets a big shock and asks Dada ji to tell him the truth. Dada ji tells them how Supriya went to an ashram for delivery, her child was born dead, Chandrika delivered Naren there and he had given Naren to Supriya to give her a new life. He tells Naren that Supriya raised him as her own child.

Pooja tells Naren that Chandrika is his real mum. Naren finds it hard to accept such a big truth. Chandrika cries. Naren feels bad for hating Chandrika before. Harish consoles Naren. There happens a high emotional drama in Vyas mansion. Naren decides to leave the house. He tells Rahul that since he isn’t the blood of Vyas mansion, now nothing belongs to him. He asks Rahul to take away everything from him. Naren is more affected that Supriya isn’t his real mum. He can’t believe the truth. It completely shatters him. He gives away all his rights and property to Rahul.

He tells Harish that he isn’t the son of the house and he won’t take anything along, he will go and find his real identity. He breaks all the promises he made to the family. He gives the business back to Rahul. Pooja had promised him that she will leave the house when she exposes Naina. Naren asks Pooja to leave the house as well. He tells her that she has accomplished her motives. Naren leaves the house to discover himself without his name. A new journey of self realization and discovery will begin for Naren.


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