Shivay to pin on Veer’s secret in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to struggle further; A bad phase for Oberois

Oberois heartily celebrate Holi. They sing, dance and enjoy in their unique style. Tia tries to ask Veer about Robin and her son. Veer asks her to go to them. He apologizes to her and asks her to enjoy Holi with her family. He gives her some colors as well. Oberois finish the dance round and get into a secret revelation round. They all get high by the Bhaang and get revealing their big secrets. Everyone laughs and tries to control their laughter. Veer too joins them as a family member. Anika reveals how she has served Bhaang to Obros. Veer reveals that he has fed Bhaang to O’bahus. They realize everyone is intoxicated and can just blurt out anything they want.

Shivay asks Veer and Soumya what’s their plan against Rudra. Veer gets friendly and asks Soumya to speak out their plan. Soumya reveals her plan to break Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage by using Aryan. Gauri tells them that Veer got Aryan home for this purpose, to present him as Rudra and Soumya’s son. Bhavya turns upset knowing Soumya’s bad plan. They all laugh out hearing their confessions.

Gauri reveals that they have hidden Aryan from everyone. Shivay realizes O’bahus were behaving strange as they were hiding the kid. Anika tells Veer that they all are fooling him. She reveals she isn’t Kumari Rosie Rani, she is Shivay’s Anika. She blurts out the fake murder drama to win Veer’s confidence and know his hidden intentions. Veer laughs hearing her little secret. Veer then tells them that he also has a secret to share. He tells Shivay that he is actually Roop’s son. He reveals his revenge intentions to his brothers. Everyone bursts into laughter on hearing his confession.

Roop catches Tia and threatens her about Robin. Tia begs her to spare her family. Roop asks Tia to get back to Oberoi mansion. Roop finds Veer and Soumya drunken and gets angry. Roop wants Veer to get back to senses, so that he executes their plan soon.

Everyone consumes lemonade to cut off the intoxication. Pinky scolds Obros for getting high in such a time, when they have a world of things to fulfill. Shivay tries to recall what happened and if he could know Veer and Soumya’s secrets. He gets some glimpses of their madness. He tells everyone that Veer has told some secret about it. He tries hard to recall what Veer broke out to them. He tells them that even Anika was sharing some secret. He asks Anika what was she saying. Anika finds Aryan out of the room and worries that Shivay could see him. Anika tries much to hide Aryan from the family. Shivay decides to recollect what Veer told him, so that they find a direction in their plan.


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