Harman and Soumya to plot a love drama in Shakti


Harman’s childhood friend Jasleen makes an entry. She gets a good welcome. Harman showers flowers on her. She gets much happy. The family welcomes her. Jasline hugs Harman. She tells him that she missed him a lot and wanted to meet him since many years. She teases Harman. Preeto worries for Soumya. Everyone hides Harman and Soumya’s relation truth from Jasleen. Harman acts happy in front of her. Jasleen doubts on them and asks them are they not together, do they stay such aloof all the time or is there any problem. Soumya tells her that its nothing like that. They both plot a love drama and show that they are very happy together.

Harman tells Jasleen that Soumya is his wife, its their love marriage, he really loves her a lot. Soumya tells Jasleen that he has no complains with her husband. Preeto asks Jasleen to come with her. She doesn’t want Jasleen to know anything. Jasleen leaves the love birds alone. Harman asks Soumya to go to her Nani’s house for some days, so that he doesn’t need to do the love drama.

She tells Harman that she will not leave, the fight is between his hatred and her love, till there is a decision taken about their relation, she will not quit. Soumya hugs him. Harman makes her away. Jasleen shows an anklet to the family. She tells everyone that the anklet is a sign of her childhood friendship with Harman. She gets glad that Harman has kept her anklet safe till now. Harman gets his anger out of Soumya. He sees Jasleen and covers up the fight. She doesn’t hear anything. She asks Harman for some help. The family hides the ongoing tension from Jasleen.


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