Ishita to learn Simmi’s big secret in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New mystery around Ishita's enemy

Raman meets a couple and requests them to donate their son’s eyes to Ishita. He asks them to think of giving a life to someone after his son’s loss. He begs them to fill colors in his wife’s dark world. He explains that their son can give a new life to anyone even after death. He asks them to donate the organs for someone’s good. The man scolds Raman for his nonsense lecture. The man asks Raman to donate his own eyes. Raman and Romi sign on the form to donate their organs after their death if they can save someone’s life this way. Adi too supports them. The couple still turns down Raman’s request.

Raman asks the doctor to explain the couple. Doctor doesn’t want to force anyone to donate their organs. He asks Raman to support Ishita and stop her from slipping in depression. Raman feels helpless. He breaks into tears. He decides to support Ishita. Doctor promises of finding a suitable eye donor for Ishita.

Raman gets Ishita home. He tries to make her feel comfortable and confident. He doesn’t want her to feel that she has gone blind. He makes her journey easy by instilling self confidence in her. She gets thankful to him. Ishita gets the love of Bhalla family, which she always yearned for. Raman tells them that doctor will soon find an eye donor for Ishita. Ishita feels she is in good state as long as Raman is by her side. Raman stays with Ishita and looks after her. She stays hopeful that Raman will soon recover. Simmi pities Ishita on her blindness.

Ishita promises to expose Simmi soon. She passes taunts to Simmi. She scares her about Raina, who knows who shot the bullet that night. She asks Simmi if she failed to send Raman to the asylum. Ishita is happy that Simmi isn’t able to do anything. Simmi reveals about the high dose of drugs given to Raman, which will make Raman forget himself completely. Ishita reminds how she has failed all her plans.

Simmi asks Ishita not to have any hopes from Raman, who can’t find a donor for her. Ishita tells Simmi that she will find evidence against her and then none can save Parmeet and her. Mihika helps out Ishita. Water spreads over the table by her mistake. Raman’s diary gets drenched. Mihika tells Ishita about some chemical applied to the papers of the diary. Ishita inspects the chemical. She asks Mihika to find about the chemical. She calls her doctor and asks for sending the test reports at the earliest. She tells Mihika that if she is guessing right, their big problem will be solved.

Mihika doesn’t understand Ishita’s words. Ishita tells Mihika that Raman always keeps his diary close and uses it every day, this chemical is a kind of drug. She asks Mihika to replace the diary before Raman knows about it. She insists Mihika to take the diary to the lab. Ishita wishes to save Raman from Simmi’s wicked plans. Simmi and Parmeet secretly meet and have a talk about dealing with Ishita and Raman. She is sure that Ishita can’t harm them now. Parmeet laughs out on Ishita’s blindness. Ishita learns Simmi has been administering the harmful drugs to Raman by applying on the diary pages.


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