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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman meets a couple and requests them to donate their son’s eyes to Ishita. He asks them to think of giving a life to someone after his son’s loss. He begs them to fill colors in his wife’s dark world. He explains that their son can give a new life to anyone even after death. He asks them to donate the organs for someone’s good. The man scolds Raman for his nonsense lecture. The man asks Raman to donate his own eyes. Raman and Romi sign on the form to donate their organs after their death if they can save someone’s life this way. Adi too supports them. The couple still turns down Raman’s request.


    Dadi demands Naira to apply her lots of Holi colors. She surprises everyone by her new side. Dadi sings a song and asks everyone to dance on her tunes. The family can’t believe Dadi’s cool attitude. Kartik, Naira and other couples celebrate Holi in a musical way. Dadi wants to make the most of it by celebrating Holi like never before. Everyone applies Holi to Dadi. Naira makes the Holi special for Kartik by giving him a magical surprise of love and trust. She wants to play Holi with Kartik with all the seven colors of happiness. Kartik and Naira celebrate their first Holi in a romantic way. Dadi turns up with another surprise, which turns shocking for everyone.

    Jiji Maa: (Star Bharat)
    Falguni helps Gayatri bond with the family. Gayatri explains them the yoga exercises that can spread a positive energy. Vidhaan gets Suyash to exercise along with Falguni. Falguni tries her best to bring Jayant and Gayatri together. Uttara understands what’s Gayatri upto. She scolds Gayatri for holding Jayant’s hand. She reminds that Jayant is her husband now. She warns Gayatri against eyeing Jayant again. She doesn’t want Gayatri to play any drama again. Niyati taunts Vidhaan. He decides to take up business responsibility. Uttara suggests Falguni and Suyash take up the same project. Falguni wonders what’s Uttara planning against him.

    Uttara permits Vidhaan to join office. She plans a big cabin with all the facilities to pamper him. Jayant feels Suyash is more deserving. Suyash tells them that he doesn’t need a big cabin, since he is absorbed in work. Falguni knows why Uttara is biased towards Suyash. Falguni and Suyash turn into business partners for the project. They have a cute moment. She asks him if he is willingly ready to work with her or just on Uttara’s saying. He tells her that he really wants to work with her as she can do well on the project. Uttara tells Shom her planning to bring Falguni and Suyash closer, so that Falguni sinks in sorrow when she can’t take the relationship ahead. She is sure that Falguni will bring the contract for their company. She wants Falguni to yearn for happiness.


    Obros wear glasses to cover up their hangover. Khanna calls them funny. Roop gets angry on Veer for losing out in his plans. She punishes him. Veer tells her that he was cheated and fed the Bhaang. She asks him why did he let their enemies knock him down. He tells her that he didn’t spoil anything, everything is in their control. He asks her to stay hopeful. She tells him that Rudra and Bhavya will soon get married, and all his plans will be foiled. He promises her that Oberois will soon get to see Aryan. He makes a new plan. He asks Roop and Soumya not to worry for them. Shivay shows his surprise for Rudra. He plans a flower shower on him and congratulates him. Veer finds a good way to reveal Aryan. He gets looking for Aryan.


    Avni gets a shocking letter. She reads the curses and relates it with Dayavanti. She gets panicking and fears that Dayavanti is alive. Samrat reads the letter as well. He asks her if she has any enemy who hates her so much. She doesn’t tell him anything. She decides to meet Mitali and seek her help in keeping the kids safe. Samrat worries for Avni. Avni tells him that she will manage everything. She doesn’t know how can Dayavanti return in her life. Shweta asks Neil to marry Mitali. He tells her that he can never forget Avni, he can’t marry Mitali or anyone else. She tells him that she is seeing a big change in him, and wants to know the reason for his happiness. He tells her that the reason is not Mitali, she is just a friend for him.

    Kaal Bhairav Rahasya: (Star Bharat)
    Gauri distracts Namrata by giving her wrong info about the shivlings. Latika meets Thakur and Lakhan. She plans to shift them. She hires some goons to help her accomplish the task. Gauri visits the village to know about the shivlings. Yashpal doubts on her. He tells Gauri that she is cheating people by revealing her strange dreams. He arrests Gauri. Gauri asks him to give her some time to prove herself. She runs away from police’s clutches. Rahul and Namrata go in search of shivlings. Latika informs Namrata that she is shifting Thakur to their new hideout. Gauri reaches the same place and looks for the shivlings.

    Rahul tells Namrata that Gauri would be wishing to find the shivlings and place them in temple. Namrata suspects Gauri is hiding something from her. She understands Gauri has lied to her about the dream. She gets angry on Gauri’s oversmartness. Rahul helps someone by shifting the luggage. He doesn’t know about the shivlings present at the same place. Gauri finds the place identical as seen in the dream. She prays that she finds the shivlings. She spots the same ambulance and understands that it has some significance. She decides to find out. Latika gets alarmed after seeing Gauri. Gauri confronts Namrata for stabbing their trust and cheating them so much.


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