Meera and Vivaan to clear their misunderstandings in Kaleerein

Kaleerein: Thrill, suspense and horror twist next

Vivaan and Meera get locked in a room. They get into an unnecessary argument. Situation brings them closer. She wants to rush to her Cocktail party. She asks Vivaan if he has planned everything. Vivaan scolds her for falling over him and spoiling his coat. He comments on her kabaddi game that she doesn’t look any good player. Meera wanted to clear their misunderstandings. She tells him that she wanted to say sorry and thanks to him.

When the power goes off, he gets afraid by the darkness and hugs her. She calms him and tries to relieve his phobia. He starts behaving like a kid. Meera bonds with him. Sumer falls in love with Silky. He is confused over his feelings. He is happy that Silky is also reciprocating his love. He wants to change his decision of marriage. Sumer will be marrying Silky.


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