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Jiji Maa:
Rawat family celebrates Suyash’s birthday. Suyash cuts the cake. Everyone asks him whom will he feed the cake, Uttara or Falguni. Suyash feels stuck to make a choice between his mum and wife. Suyash finds a solution and feeds the cake to Jayant. Everyone praises Suyash for his smartness to avoid the tough task. Falguni surprises Suyash with a gift. Jayant unknowingly consumes peanut. He suffers from the allergy and shockingly collapses. Everyone worries for Jayant. Uttara asks Suyash to rush Jayant to hospital. Gayatri too worries for him.


Vivaan and Meera get locked in a room. They get into an unnecessary argument. Situation brings them closer. She wants to rush to her Cocktail party. She asks Vivaan if he has planned everything. Vivaan scolds her for falling over him and spoiling his coat. He comments on her kabaddi game that she doesn’t look any good player. Meera wanted to clear their misunderstandings. She tells him that she wanted to say sorry and thanks to him.

Nimki Mukhiya:

Nimki becomes a Naagin and dances to scare to the maid. She doesn’t want the maid to come in her room and disturb her every time. She explains the maid what’s her place in the family. She asks the maid not to spy on her again. The maid gets scared by Nimki’s Naagin drama and runs out of the room. Nimki steals the halwa and eats. Anaro finds her and scolds her for stealing the halwa. She asks Nimki to leave from her sight.


Harman tells Jasleen that Soumya is his wife, its their love marriage, he really loves her a lot. Soumya tells Jasleen that he has no complains with her husband. Preeto asks Jasleen to come with her. She doesn’t want Jasleen to know anything. Jasleen leaves the love birds alone. Harman asks Soumya to go to her Nani’s house for some days, so that he doesn’t need to do the love drama.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni does a new drama. Teni finds a new way and tells the family that she thought of leaving the decision to Lord. She says Shorvori and I will write our names on chits and drop it in the bowl, whoever’s name comes will get the rights of Parth’s wife. Parth and Shorvori agree with Teni’s idea. Teni writes Shorvori’s name instead of her own. Shorvori’s name comes in the chit. It brings a delightful moment for Shorvori. Dada ji gets angry on Teni for her sacrifice. He asks Teni if she has lied to the media and family by giving away her rights, why is she playing with their emotions, its tough for them as well.

Rishta Likkhenge Hum Naya:
Ratan asks Diya to pay him the fees for fighting her court case. He tells her that he has fought the strong case and proved her innocent. Diya asks him what fees does he want. She tells him that he can go for any holiday if he wants. He asks her for a kiss. She gets a big shock. Ratan rolls on the floor laughing and tells her that it was just a joke, but her expressions are something worth watching. She calls him very mischievious. Diya asks Ratan to have ointment. She ends up hurting him. He tells her that he got much hurt. He screams in pain. She apologizes to him.

Laado 2:
Malhari instigates the villagers against Anushka. They all run to take Anushka’s life. Anushka loses her temper and catches Malhari to kill her. Villagers get more against her. Malhari feels she has won. Anushka wants to win the villagers’ trust back. She wants to save her life and runs out of Veerpur.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:
Kanak meets Meera and Uma and wishes them for their wedding anniversary. She gifts special wine to them. Meera says Uma doesn’t drink, and even I don’t drink because of him. Kanak says I thought drinking would be normal thing here. Meera says you have no idea about Uma, his thinking and principles are very much different. Kanak taunts Uma that she really doesn’t know him. Kanak is much upset with Uma. She expresses her anger by her bitter words. Meera thanks Kanak for the gift. Meera praises Uma. He maintains silence. His mum meets Kanak. Kanak turns happy seeing Maasa fine. Maasa requests her to leave and go far from them forever. She asks Kanak never to come back in their lives. Kanak gets crying. She confronts Uma for his cowardliness. Uma doesn’t answer anything.


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