Yuvraaj to make a love confession in Laado 2


Yuvraaj has finally realized his mistake. He meets Anushka away from their home and tells her that he has learnt the truth. She gets upset with him and vents out anger on him. He tells her that he wants to take her away from Veerpur. He admits that he was blindly believing his family and this is where he went wrong, he should have understood her at least once. He asks her to support him, as he has known the truth now. She denies to love him as before. She says things can’t become the same, even if he has learnt the complete truth. She is happy that he has got to know the truth, but her feelings for him has suffered a lot.

He expresses feelings towards her. Anushka refuses to leave the village. Yuvraaj manages to bring a smile on her face. Malhari plays a drama to prove Anushka as some witch. Anushka scolds the tantric for playing with people’s emotions. She calls off the havan. Anushka tries to prove that the tantric is a fraud. She produces evidence against the tantric as well. The villagers start trusting Malhari. They don’t listen to Anushka. The people pelt stones at Anushka and ask her to leave the village. Yuvraaj comes as her savior and protects her from the angry villagers.


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