Ashok and Ishita’s final emotional meet in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Simmi tells Parmeet that she has seen Raman using the planner every day and thought of drugging him by taking advantage of his unusual habit. He feels none can guess how they are giving the drugs to Raman. He gets overconfident. Simmi also feels that Ishita has turned blind and now everything is under control. Raman tells Ishita that they will find a donor for her soon. He asks Ishita to stay hopeful. She waits for the test lab results. Raman takes care of her. They have a moment. She tries to remind him their old days. He tells her that he wants his diary to know his meeting details. Mihika changes the diary and gives him the new one. Raman leaves for his meeting.

Mihika tells Ishita that her doubt was right, there was really some chemical on the papers. The doctor confirms about the harmful medicines found on the papers. He tells her that person can lose his memory and also mental balance by taking such medicines. Ishita tells Mihika that its Simmi behind this conspiracy.

Ishita turns strong to manage her life without anyone’s support. Ashok meets Ishita and likes her spirit to make her weakness into her strength. He asks her why didn’t she tell him about her major accident. She apologizes to him for not reaching to him. She tells him that she didn’t wish to bother him with more upsetting things. She asks him to get treatment on time and recover soon. Ashok hides his bad health from her. He meets her for the final time and doesn’t reveal that he is soon going to die. He tells her that he can never forget her ever. He gives her a letter and asks her to keep it as his last gift. He asks her for a favor and asks her to look after his business. He asks her to read the letter once he leaves. Ishita worries for him. She asks Romi to read the letter for her.

Romi reads the letter for her. Ishita learns Ashok is critical and is soon going to leave the world because of his last stage of cancer. Ishita is left in tears after hearing Ashok’s emotional letter. Simmi learns about Ashok’s critical state. Ashok makes an organ donation. He wants to donate his eyes to Ishita, so that she can get a new life. He asks Ishita to accept his eye donation. She can’t believe that Ashok has done such a big favor on her. Simmi informs Parmeet about Ashok helping Ishita by donating his eyes after his death.

Parmeet asks her not to worry, he will get Ishita killed. Simmi tells him that she will assure Ishita is left alone at home, so that his goon can kill Ishita. Simmi plays a drama to take the family to the temple for making special prayers for Raman and Ishita. She acts good and wins praise. Bhallas and Iyers agree to go for the puja. Ishita gets left alone at home. Ishita doesn’t feel any danger around. Parmeet sends his goon to kill Ishita. Simmi and Parmeet get more wicked and try to kill Ishita knowing she won’t be able to save herself in her blind state. They plan an attack on Ishita when the family is away.

Ishita fails their plan and manages to save herself by her smartness. She finds out how Simmi is administering the drugs to Raman. Ishita changes the planner on which Simmi applies the drugs. She hopes that Raman gets better with time, once he stops consuming the harmful medicines. Simmi learns Ishita’s move and gets more angered. She gets Ishita kidnapped. Raman, Romi and others try hard to find Ishita and rescue her.


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