Avni gets troubled by spotting Dayavanti in Naamkarann


Mogli helps Neil in meeting Nilanjana. Neil gets excited to meet Nilanjana. Avni senses Neil and hides from him again. Neil goes to meet Nilanjana. He finds her gone again. He wonders why is she running away from him, like she is hiding some big secret. He realizes she has run out from the window. Avni secretly meets Mitali and asks her to help her in saving her family. She asks Mitali to take Neil away from the city, so that she can solve her problems. Mitali assures Avni that she will take Neil and Shweta away. DD learns about Nilanjana, who runs Sukoon house and also mentors the kids. Samrat gets praising Nilanjana, who is a gem at heart.

Mitali asks Avni not to worry and wait for her call. Avni believes Dayavanti is dead and can never return. She spots a woman similar to Dayavanti and hears her laughing as well. She can’t believe her senses. She explains herself that Dayavanti died in front of her and she can’t be alive.

Neil learns Nilanjana’s decision to cancel the movie shoot. He doesn’t understand the reason. Tara returns him the cheque which KK had sent for Nilanjana before. Neil feels Nilanjana is some mystery, which he is unable to crack. Saisha doesn’t want KK’s movie shoot to get cancelled. She wants KK around her, so that her love story can go ahead. Avni gets scared by the sight of Dayavanti. She slips in fear. She then gets a huge shock on finding Mitali unconscious. Avni helps Mitali. Mitali tells her that someone has attacked on her head from behind. Avni finds its impossible that Dayavanti is alive.

Neil asks KK to cancel the shoot as the house owner has returned them the cheque as well. He asks KK to take the crew back. Mitali assures Avni that she will find Dayavanti, if she is the culprit. Mitali takes the matter in her hands. Avni worries for Mitali’s safety.

KK cheers up Saisha. He asks her not to quarrel with Nilanjana for all the good reasons that she is her mom. Neil gives chocolates to the kids. He also helps them by giving a little donation for the kids. Mogli turns sad that Neil is leaving. Neil promises to return to them. He pacifies Mogli. KK finds Neil’s emotional side. He tells Neil that they spread love everywhere. He asks Neil not to be upset and accompany him to his new movie shoot locales. Mitali warns Avni about Dayavanti. She asks Avni to be alert all the time. She suggests Avni should vacate Sukoon house and leave with the kids. Avni also wants to protect the kids. She thanks Mitali for her help. Avni decides to take the kids and leave the city. Saisha opposes her decision. She feels upset to get away from KK. Saisha leaves the house. Avni gets Saisha’s letter. She believes that someone has kidnapped Saisha and panics. She decides to find Saisha.


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