Big twists and revelations lined in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira's partial memory loss begins to inflict

Naira meets Suhana and calls her downstairs for meeting the family. Suhana tells her that she is waiting for Aryan. Naira reveals that her brother has come and is creating an issue. Naira feels she has seen Suhana before. She gets suspicious when Manish calls the police when Rahul gets threatening Goenkas about police. Manish tells Rahul that he can’t see anyone misbehaving with his son and family. Suhana tells them that she has come to meet Aryan by her own wish. Rahul blames Aryan for instigating Suhana to elope. Kartik tells Rahul that Suhana is in love with Aryan and has come to meet willingly. Rahul goes on creating chaos. Suhana requests Manish and asks him not to involve police. Suhana gets scared of the cops.

Manish learns that Suwarna was already aware of the matter and didn’t share anything. He gets upset with her for concealing the matter. Naira asks Suhana why is she so scared of police, let them come and decide the matter. Suhana tries to get dramatic and sort the issue.

Naira and Kartik ask Suhana not to get scared if she is in love. Aryan also wants the police to deal with the matter. He wants to answer Rahul for his threatening. Manish loses his cool and asks inspector to sort the matter. Suhana and Rahul panic when they encounter police. They think of the times when they cheated people and got saved from the police. Suhana comes up with an idea and applies Holi colors to Rahul, with an apology. Rahul too applies colors to her face to conceal her identity from the police. Their threatening drama becomes a trouble for them. They change their tone and end their matter. Goenkas find them weird.

Rahul tells inspector that everything got sorted now. Rahul tells everyone that he doesn’t want the matter to get public. Inspector asks Manish to call him if needed. Manish tells Rahul that nothing is decided from their side, he will be deciding about his son’s life. He doesn’t want to accept Suhana randomly. Suhana apologizes to them on Rahul’s behalf. She makes a leave.

Aryan asks Suwarna why didn’t she keep her promise, why didn’t she support him. Suwarna fulfills her promise and supports him. Manish gets against Suwarna once again. He doesn’t like Suhana. Naira feels Suhana was strange and was hiding something big. Suwarna tries to clarify the matter to Manish. He doesn’t want to hear anything when the matter slipped out of their hands. Kartik and Naira assure that they will support Aryan. Goenkas look after Singhanias well. Dadi and Rajshri’s hangover ends. They learn the stupid mess they have created in the Holi party. Dadi feels ashamed of her doings. She doesn’t want to face anyone after all that.

Naksh and Kirti ask Rajshri not to hide and face everyone, she didn’t lose any reputation. Dadi and Rajshri worry for people’s opinion about them. Kartik and Naira break Aryan and Suhana’s news to Dadi. Dadi worries for Aryan. Kirti and Naira get dizzy at the same place and collapse. The families worry for them. Naira receives her pregnancy news and learns that Kirti’s conceiving chances are very low. She doesn’t know how to share the matter with Kartik. The family receives Kirti’s pregnancy news, but just Naira knows the entire truth.


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