Naksh and Kirti to receive a good news in Yeh Rishta…


After Aryan and Suhana’s love story, there comes another twist. Naira and Kartik happy dance when they receive a big news about Naksh and Kirti. The family asks them what’s the matter that they are playing dhol. Naira tells everyone about Kirti’s pregnancy. She says a baby will be coming in our family. Kartik announces that he is soon going to become an uncle. Naira is happy to become an aunt. Everyone congratulates Naksh and Kirti for the good news. Everyone hugs Naksh and Kirti. Naksh can’t believe the big news. Everyone wishes the baby comes in their lives soon. Naira makes everyone dance with her.

Naksh and Kirti get emotional. Kartik tells everyone that Naira was dizzy just by tiredness, but its Kirti who got the good news for us. Everyone celebrates the news and dance. Naira wants her family to always stay happy. She happily cries and wishes the best for the family. She deals with a sorrow, which she can’t reveal to anyone. She prays to Lord that everything gets fine. Kartik finds Naira crying. Naira doesn’t tell him anything. What is Naira hiding from the family? Keep reading.



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