Revealed: Obros get puzzled about Aryan in Ishqbaaz


Obros celebrate Rudra’s gift ceremony happily. They all have a grand celebration. Rudra asks Soumya for dance. She gets happy by his request. Soumya and Rudra dance, while Shivay tries to get her purse. Veer interrupts Shivay. He asks Shivay about the big surprise for Rudra and Bhavya, contained in the huge ball. Shivay tells Veer that he plans to do Rudra’s marriage in a grand style. Shivay gets Soumya’s purse and also her phone it it. He tries to unlock the phone to know Soumya’s motives. He doesn’t see anything relevant to her plan. He fails to know her plan. Fortunately, he attends a call on Soumya’s phone.

He learns about Soumya getting a bridal attire ready to marry Rudra. He understands Soumya wants to marry Rudra by any way possible. He doesn’t understand how Veer is helping her. O’bahus worry for Aryan, who could be in any problem. They hide their tensions and celebrate with everyone.

Shivay spies on Soumya to know her plans to stop Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. Everyone asks Shivay to reveal the surprise. Shivay begins the gift ceremony. O’bahus finally locate Aryan in the huge ball. Before they could save him, they fall in a mess. Everyone waits for the huge ball to open up. O’bahus couldn’t stop Shivay. Veer gets bored by the drama. He goes to open up the ball himself. Aryan gets conscious inside the ball. Aryan falls down along with the gifts. O’bahus run to catch Aryan and save his life. Everyone finds their behavior strange, as if they were running to get hands on some gifts.

O’bahus take care of Aryan and pacify him. Everyone learns about Aryan, and get shocked to know what O’bahus were hiding from them. They demand an answer from them. Soumya gets happy that her plan is working. She decides to break the news that Aryan is her and Rudra’s son. She dreams that Oberois will get her married to Rudra to save their reputation in the society. Everyone asks O’bahus about Aryan. They want to know Aryan’s parents.

Shivay asks Anika why was she helpless to hide Aryan. Anika fails to explain Shivay and others, why she took time to find out Aryan’s identity. Aryan calls Shivay, Omkara and Rudra as his father. This comes as a shocker for everyone. Obros deny the blame. They don’t know the real parents of the kid. Anika tells them that this is the reason why they have kept Aryan away from the family, just to fail their enemy’s plan. She reveals that their enemy is trying to stab their prestige by planting Aryan in between them. Veer thinks to jerk off the matter by using the media.

He wants the Oberois to fall under the media pressure. Veer, Roop and Soumya get happy when the media barges inside the mansion and force their stupid questions regarding Oberois’ new scandal. Shivay asks the media to leave. The media bothers Aryan as well. Shivay demands the media to leave, without raising any finger against his family. The media blames Rudra to be Aryan’s father, just as per Soumya’s plan. Shivay understands Soumya’s plans. The media questions Rudra about his illegitimate child with Soumya. They pressurize him to marry Soumya and give a name to Rudra.


  1. Ishqbaaz-why are t oberois so stupid can’t they stop t party n close the door than talk. Why they have security guards ,who can’t control the media. Just don’t make sense at all. Gul Khan think the fans all r dumbbells ha! Oh wow awesome, a round of 👏 for making us stupid……


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