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Jijaji Chhat Par Hai:
Ilaychi plays Anarkali in the play for Pancham’s sake. She expresses her feelings for him during the play. The play turns funny when Anarkali enters Sohni-Mahiwal’s story. Pancham plays Mahiwal and falls for Anarkali. Ilaychi adds much drama. She likes to bring a twist in a tale. The play changes from the prime plot. Everyone adds their own crazy liners in the play and pull off a laugh riot.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori asks Teni to live with them by the right of a friend. She reminds Teni that she has stayed with Bhanushali family when she was a surrogate. Teni loves the family a lot. She can’t see their upset faces. Shorvori asks Teni not to care about anyone and stay back. Teni feels it will be difficult to live with Parth and Shorvori, after changing their relations. She agrees to stay with them. Dada ji feels proud of Teni’s decision and hugs her. Teni settles back in the house. Kaki provokes Shorvori against Teni. She asks Shorvori not to be blind and just let Teni leave.


Ranvijay gets too happy and sings a song to express his happiness. He reveals to Imli that she has won the elections. He showers flowers on Imli. He asks the servants to bring a line of gifts for his wife. Imli has played a big move to secure her victory in the elections. He tells her that people win elections after contesting, but she has won it directly. Suraj keeps an eye on them. Imli tells Suraj that she has compelled Chakor to withdraw her name from the elections and won the elections without any mess. She has blackmailed Chakor by using her weakness.


Avni gets afraid that Dayavanti is alive. She learns Saisha is missing and promises Sunehri and others that she will find Saisha. Avni leaves in search of Saisha. She comes across a procession on the way. She gets stunned when she hears Dayavanti’s laughter. She gets thinking if she is believing the right thing. She reasons logically and dismisses her tensed thoughts that Dayavanti is alive. She recalls how Dayavanti died in front of her in Ragini Pandit’s Rang Mahal. Avni then learns that Saisha got kidnapped. She tries to trace Saisha and reaches the address by following the GPS tracker.

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya:

Diya gets a lovely surprise from Ratan. They have a romantic dance. Diya has realized her feelings for Ratan. Ratan kisses her. He shares the big news with Diya. He tells her that he has got his dream project sanctioned. He gives the good news to the family as well. Everyone congratulates Ratan. Ratan prepares to go for his project meeting. Diya finds the kiss mark and asks him to stop. She asks him to clean the mark. Ratan checks his face in the mirror. He finds a kiss mark on his cheek and asks Diya if she has kissed him. He teases her and says its obvious that she will kiss the one she loves. Diya couldn’t say that she kissed him while adoring him in sleep. Diya gets embarrassed and accepts.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Simmi and Parmeet get more wicked and try to kill Ishita knowing she won’t be able to save herself in her blind state. They plan an attack on Ishita when Raman is away. Ishita fails their plan and manages to save herself by her smartness. She finds out how Simmi is administering the drugs to Raman. Ishita changes the planner on which Simmi applies the drugs. She hopes that Raman gets better with time, once he stops consuming the harmful medicines. Simmi learns Ishita’s move and gets more angered. She gets Ishita kidnapped. Raman, Romi and others try hard to find Ishita and rescue her.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep gets emotional when he accompanies Aarohi for the sonography. He wants to become a father soon. He can’t believe Tara is giving him this big happiness. He cries happily seeing the baby’s sonography. Aarohi sees Deep’s genuine tears for the first time. He kisses Aarohi. He doesn’t know its Aarohi with him. He thanks Tara. Aarohi fools him with the fake sonography. She will change Deep into a better person. She has managed everything by threatening the doctor.

Tu Aashiqui:
Ahaan falls in Vikram’s plan and consumes the spiked drink. He loses his senses and falls dizzy while driving. He meets with an accident. Pankti learns Ahaan is admitted in the hospital. She rushes to meet Ahaan. She hugs him. She tells him that everything will get fine. She pacifies him. Reporters catch Ahaan and question him about the drugs. Ahaan faces the drugs charges. Vikram didn’t wish Pankti’s recording to go well. He didn’t know Ahaan will consume the drugs unknowingly. JD and Vikram are trying to ruin Pankti’s career. Ahaan and Pankti manage the media. Ahaan doesn’t let Pankti’s name dragged in the matter. He understands JD is trying to ruin Pankti’s success.


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