Harman to express his annoyance in Shakti

Soumya last rites

Jasleen tells Harman that she has come to pind only to meet him, but now its time for her to leave. She bids bye to Harman. After she leaves, Harman packs Soumya’s bags and throws her out of the house. Jasleen returns home and tells them that she has come for some reason, she has forgotten her documents. She sees Harman’s bad behavior towards his wife. She asks him how can he treat his wife so badly. Jasleen learns Soumya’s identity truth. She gets shocked to know that Soumya is a kinner. Harman reveals everything to her.

Jasleen asks the family to speak up, is this true. Harman tells Jasleen that he remembers everything, he loved Soumya so much, even when she was a kinner, but she has done a kinner puja and turned into a widow.

He cries out saying Soumya didn’t trust my love, she danced along widows in front of me, she killed me that day, I left my parents for her and fought with the world for her sake, but she has cheated me. Soumya learns Harman has regained his memory. She apologizes to him. She defends herself that she was cheated by Kareena and didn’t know of the widow rituals. Jasleen can’t believe their relation truth. She asks Harman how could he hide such a big secret from her. She gets Soumya’s bags inside the house. She doesn’t let Soumya leave. Will Jasleen bring them together? Keep reading.


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