Naira celebrates by concealing her sorrow in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Shocking: A depressing phase for KaiRa

Naira and Kirti collapse down. The families worry for them. Rahul gets worried and thinks he should drop the plan to trap Aryan this time. Rahul and Suhana hide their love drama and try to trap Goenkas for their greed. Suhana tells him that she just loves him and this time Aryan can help them more. She feels once they get Aryan’s richness, their life will get sorted. She tells Rahul that Naira is clever and they have to stay alert of her. The families wish that Naira and Kirti give them some good news. Naksh and Kartik worry for their wives. The doctors examine Naira and Kirti. Kartik takes care of Naira. He asks her not to take much stress. She asks him to go and meet Kirti once. Doctor reveals to Naira about her pregnancy.

Kartik doesn’t learn the matter. Naira gets happy with the news. She worries for Kirti. Naira thinks of fulfilling Kartik’s dream of having their cute little kid. Doctor reveals to Naira about Kirti’s pregnancy issues. She tells her that it will be a miracle if Kirti conceives.

Meanwhile, Dadi gets annoyed with Aryan. She refuses to talk to him. Naira falls in dilemma over breaking the good and bad news to Kartik. She feels sorry for Kirti. Before she could reveal to Kartik, the doctor stops Naira and clears the misunderstanding. She tells Naira that Kirti is pregnant. Naira gets happy for Kirti. Doctor tells Naira that she is the one who has pregnancy issues. Naira’s dream of becoming a mother and completing their life get shattered. Naira hides the truth from everyone. She deals with the sorrow all alone. Naira breaks Kirti’s good news to Kartik. Kartik plays dhol and dances with Naira. The families ask Kartik and Naira about their celebrations.

Naira tells them about Kirti’s pregnancy. This brings a joy in the family. Naira gets sad that she can’t give this happiness to Kartik. She cries alone and turns to Kartik with a smiling face. She doesn’t want to spoil his happiness. She has a belief that Lord will fulfill her wish some day and not break her hopes.

Naksh and Singhanias thank Kirti for giving them such big happiness. Naksh doesn’t ask Kirti about the note. Kirti stays bothered about the note and feels guilty. Naksh asks her to take rest. Kartik tells Naira about his dream. He wants to have a cute child soon. Naira feels guilty to hide the truth from him. She stays hopeful that they will have babies. Aryan stays tensed about Suhana. He wants the family to discuss the matter with him. He finds the family busy in their normal routine. He reacts angrily on their silence. He confronts them for not deciding anything. He tells them that he loves Suhana and wants to marry her. Everyone questions Aryan about his feelings. They suggest Aryan to know Suhana better. Dadi opposes Aryan’s decision and gets angered. She doesn’t agree for accepting Suhana. She warns him against misbehaving with elders. Aryan expects Suwarna to help him. Kartik and Naira learn about Aryan’s suicide move and rush to save him.


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