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Suraj learns Chakor has withdrawn her name from the elections. He meets Chakor and asks her what did she do and why didn’t she ask him once, he is acting of memory loss just to help her. He says you were going to win, why did you take this crazy step. He is shocked as Ranvijay and Imli broke the truth to him. He was continuing the drama till the elections. He was hopeful that Chakor will win elections and then she will free him from his drama. He asks Chakor what was the reason that made her weak. Chakor tells him that she will show him the reason for her decision change. She takes him home where she has hidden Tejaswini. Suraj meets Tejaswini and learns how Imli was blackmailing Chakor. He tells Chakor that he respects her even more now. He understands her sacrifice.

Laado 2:

Anushka will be seen living a carefree, fearless and cheerful life with her new family in her new world. She rejoices her happiness with her family. Yuvraaj will be dying in the show, before Anushka’s story takes a big leap. Anushka’s life journey will begin.

Tu Aashiqui:
Pankti turns into a nurse and spies in the lab. She changes Ahaan’s blood sample. She doesn’t want anyone to stain Ahaan’s career. She knows JD’s plan to trap Ahaan in the drugs case. She replaces her blood sample there. She meets JD and threatens him. She wants to become Ahaan’s protector.


Avni teaches some self defense techniques to Saisha. She asks Saisha to face every tough situation in life. She wants Saisha to become independent and fight her battle on her own. Avni and Saisha practice in their mock fight. On the other hand, Neil learns Mitali knew Avni’s truth. He vents out anger on Avni. Avni gets speechless on his confrontation. She sheds tears. She fails to explain him why she was so helpless to run away from the family to secure them. Neil doesn’t know how to react and how to accept Avni back in his life.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:

Deep and Aarohi do a puja for their baby’s safety. He asks Aarohi to have a tattoo. She tries to avoid Deep and his plans. She calls some goons to get herself kidnapped. The goons kidnap Aarohi. Deep reaches her and saves her from the goons. Aarohi makes excuses to fool Deep by her story.

Woh Apna Sa:
Binny confesses her feelings for Akash. Jia gets to hear her confession. She thinks of sharing it with Arjun. Arjun feels guilty of hiding something from Jia. He decides to reveal the matter to her. Nisha plays a game with them again. Nisha agrees for Akash and Binny’s marriage only to have Binny on her side. The marriage track will be next in the show.


Jasleen tells Harman that she has come to pind only to meet him, but now its time for her to leave. She bids bye to Harman. After she leaves, Harman packs Soumya’s bags and throws her out of the house. Jasleen returns home and tells them that she has come for some reason, she has forgotten her documents. She sees Harman’s bad behavior towards his wife. She asks him how can he treat his wife so badly. Jasleen learns Soumya’s identity truth. She gets shocked to know that Soumya is a kinner. Harman reveals everything to her.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Shorvori learns that Teni had written her name in the chit to make her win. She decides to tell the truth to everyone. Teni tells her that she has stepped back so that she gets her happiness, her rights, which she deserves. She says Parth belongs to just you, don’t tell anyone, I m asking for some time to explain everyone, I m doing this for Parth and your happiness, I need some time. Shorvori has a special bond with Teni. She tells Teni that she didn’t like it, this sacrifice has just made more complications. She asks Teni why did she get her home, knowing they will face this day. Teni tells her that she has gone away from Parth just to lessen the complications for the family.


Kartik slaps Aryan and scolds him for hurting everyone’s emotions. Suwarna gets hurt and stops Kartik. Kartik asks Aryan what did he think before going on terrace, was he going his life, is life any joke, how can he think of dying if he failed to convince everyone. He scolds Aryan like an elder brother. He tells Aryan that he has hurt everyone by his stupidity, anything could have happened to him today, how would they deal with the worse situation. Kartik teaches Aryan that suicide isn’t the solution for everyone. Manish and Suwarna are scared after Aryan’s step.

Ishq Subhan Allah:

Kabeer and Zara unwilling get married. They both don’t like each other. They are marrying for the sake of their families’ happiness. They tried their best to refuse to the alliance, but failed to get their decisions accepted. Their perception never matches. There are many clashes between them. Zara feels her life with Kabeer will be difficult. Both the families congratulate each other after the wedding rituals complete. Zara wants to be true to her relation and keep the marriage.

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